The Future of Global Procurement, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management – SIGSpring17 Recap

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The CXC Global Americas leadership team are constantly out and about.  Most recently they attended SIG Spring 17, at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Florida and we were proud  to be able to sponsor the opening Golf Day, where a lunch was provided to all the attendees.  Not only were we delighted to make some new connections in a fun environment, we were able to take part in and enjoy the rest of the conference immersing ourselves in the sessions that ensued, listening and contributing to the conversations.  The following provides some insight to the conference.

Recurring Theme

There are certain elements to consider when evaluating a conference and one question we were asked, was is there was a recurring theme.  SIGSpring17 had both a procurement and talent acquisition/talent management focus. There were specific sessions that dealt with the changing landscape of companies and how they’re identifying talent both domestically and globally, as well as the challenges that are inherent with a company trying to go global.

A few of the common themes throughout some of the sessions were:

  • What are the ways and various methods to engage workforces globally?
  • What should the mix between full time and contingent workers be?
  • How does a company best understand the complexity of benefit administration around the world, when coming from a non-socialized medical and benefit scheme in the US and moving to socialized medical and benefit schemes around the world?

There was talk about additional levels of health coverage for full time workers, on top of socialized medical platforms around the world.  There was also talk of dealing with local nationals and expatriates when looking to build your workforce around the world and the best blend of those specific workforces, when starting up or expanding an operation.

LATAM Expansion

One of the themes at the end of the SIG conference was expansion into LATAM. Latin America has a growing workforce that has the skills available to work in and with westernized countries.  The citizens of these countries are becoming more educated and more technologically adapt.  The session was about how companies should not view Latin America solely as an opportunity to sell a product, but to view Latin America as a market where they can identify talent, that is willing to work at a lower base wage, but can get the same result as other competitive countries around the world.  Specific focus was given to how Latin American talent can compare to India, Russia, China and the Philippines.

Collaboration is Key for the Future

The recurring themes from SIG and HRUSeattle from a networking and connection perspective, were along the lines of collaboration and the willingness to band together and ‘let’s help each other out’.  Both shows, while embracing technology, analytics and automation, as a way to do the job more efficiently, also focused on the human aspect and not forgetting why we’re all here.  Every session in both conferences were interactive, with the ability to engage the audience and people sharing their experiences and ways they worked out a particular problem.

The Focus for Talent

What we’re seeing now is that talent acquisition is really focusing on technology and analytics for identifying the right hire and how to retain talent and make sure they’re engaged. The challenges HR were facing in the past, is now becoming a more positive conversation.

The CXC Factor

Being a sponsor of SIG Spring 17, enabled our team to really be a part of the conversation, reach out across the aisle, be positive and be more about ‘why we’re here’ and helping each other out.

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