Global Worker Classification in the ‘Gig Economy’

CWS Strategies recently posted an article titled “Independent contractors: The worldwide war against misclassification”, an excellent post on the pending global expansion of workforce misclassification.  

Governments want tax revenue from their employment population and with the increase of virtual workers and the “Gig Economy”, payments and classification is being tracked with the global banking system.  Companies on both sides of the employee / contractor engagement (corporates and freelance marketplaces) should review classification and payment process to avoid being one of the first companies to be targeted and globally identified as a employment tax cheat or promoting misclassification.

CXC Global are compliance specialists and trusted advisors in over 60 countries, with over 20 years experience in contractor management and implementing compliant solutions for businesses.

With governments now starting to share tax information with other countries, compliance is important now more than ever and if not addressed, can end up being very costly for companies found to be non-compliant.

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