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“Globalization and the Future of Work Forum”

FOW Forum Banner 6The Future of Work, how we work, the way workers are engaged, how technology is transforming the distribution of work and how workers are classified are all top of mind topics of today.  HR professionals, recruiters, CEO’s, CFO’s, CPO’s, Legal Experts and even the workers themselves are all looking at how to adapt to the new world of work, now commonly referred to as the ‘gig economy’.

Whether it’s a startup business, a tech co, a company that’s been around for decades and not only in one particular industry, but spanning across multiple industries, these are topics now having to be addressed and strategies put in place to minimize risk and ensure longevity.  It is part of CXC Global’s mission to assist businesses embrace these new changes.


FOW recap cxc 3With a focus on the Future of Work and educating businesses around the globe, CXC Global and CXC Corporate Services recently held a forum in San Francisco “Globalization and the Future of Work” bringing together an exceptional selection of industry experts in Global Economics, Services and Labor Procurement Platforms, Human Capital Management, MSP/RPO, Global Expansion, Technology and Finance.

Bill Inman, CEO PeopleLoop – Moderator: “The CXC Globalization & Future of Work Forum was a great event for learning more about the fast growing gig economy. Our speakers honed in on macro and economic reasons why this workforce is growing so rapidly as well as what companies need to do to be prepared. It was clear throughout the presentations that companies that are not ahead of this global trend may have more compliance challenges and cost increases than they expect!”

John Smith
, Managing Director CXC Global America’s: “The Forum brought together speakers and collaborators who are living the “Future of Work”.  As a “Trusted Advisor” and international leader CXC Global will play an important role in assisting our clients and partners adapt to the changing workplace and bring important and relevant content through our future forums and social posts.


Panel Discussion

As quoted by Constantin Gurdgiev of True Economics – Key Note Speaker “Three in ten U.S. jobs are held by the Self-Employed and the workers they hire.  “Thanks in large measure to innovation, the American workforce and the very nature of work is
experiencing some profound changes.  It’s not just the growth of new technologies, but also the rise of entirely new industries and new job structures.  We’re seeing the tech-drive expansion of the gig or on-demand economy, giving workers flexibility and enabling them to monetize existing assets, like their cars or extra rooms in their homes,” Tom Perez U.S. Secretary of Labor, 2016.  Constantin went on to talk about our ‘readiness’ for the ‘Gig’ economy, addressing impact areas such as Tax & Fiscal Systems, Human Capital Investment, Markets and Quality of Life.  Click here to view Constantin’s presentation.


FOW recap cxc 5There is a technology revolution underway that is changing our workforce landscape.  As covered by Terri Gallagher’s presentation, expanding your global talent supply chain, managing and completing work arrangements, recruit, source, onboard, quality control, data and analytics are all under the spotlight.

Terri Gallagher, Director Gallagher and Consultants – Panelist: “Workforce Management Models for temporary labor (Gig Workers, IC’s, Contingent) need to go beyond functional control to agile solution enablers, with a strong emphasis on an ecosystem of partnerships and alliances; technology is the key enabler to making this work.”

In keeping with a focus on global and the gig economy, the event sponsored by WeWork, was held at their Golden Gate location in San Francisco.  WeWork strives to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. “WeWork is proud to host a forum that explores the concept of How and Why We Work with a global perspective.”  CXC Global were delighted to partner with WeWork for the forum and are looking forward to future developments.

Further topics covered at the forum included Contingent Workforce: Pressure points and opportunity space, The emergence of platform companies within the gig economy – how that impacts the way talent is engaged, How we define the gig economy – lessons learned from sourcing / recruiting within the gig economy workforce, The New Normal in our Global Workforce Landscape – Leveraging Technology and Ecosystem Thinking for Competitive Edge, High – end trends – The challenges faced by companies with the mobile global flexible workforce.

Don’t miss our next Future of Work event.  Details coming soon.  Contact CXC Global now to register your interest.  Video footage of the event will be made available.

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Written by @KJHopkinsDuvall