Going Global: Resources for Expansion from CXC

Globalization is no laughing matter, and CXC understands the sheer quantity that needs to be done when you’re looking at growing your business across borders and oceans.

Investigations and research into employment laws, premises, contracts, and local markets are just a few of the things that occupy you, and when you are looking at globalization and mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, the road is even bumpier.

When acquisitions happen, your workforce is often the most affected by the changes. It’s not always easy, and sometimes the changes are negative – navigating these changes with your team of permanent and contingent employees is made easier if you have the right partner to help you bridge the divides.

If we look at the growth of technology over the past few years, we find that we can use much more effective tools to cross borders, grow companies, and navigate the tight spots.

Data and Globalization
This infographic from Adweek, created by Irish Telecom, shows how the internet has changed over the last few years.

internet second infographic

With technology growing as fast as it is, and companies like Dell making inroads toward full global collaboration, this kind of technology is looking to become a driving force for globalization and connectivity.

This is good news for companies who are growing globally, as well as global contractors or gig workers. However, there is a constant in this and any other kind of growth:

  • In order to transform, grow, and connect your global workforce, you need technology that connects and enables your employees.

  • In order to manage your connected and empowered employees, you need to ensure that you are managing them securely and legally in each state or country in which they are deployed.


Globalization World flight linesFinding a Global Workforce Partner

Ensuring you have your employment bases covered, your landing processes planned out, and your set-up advisory in place is key to the success of your global branches.

CXC Corporate Services has a number of resources that we’ve compiled for you to look at in terms of your globalization, expansion, and mergers – all assisting you in ensuring your compliance, employment procedures, and country-to-country set ups are in order:

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  2. Case Study: The Management of Employees during Mergers
  3. Where does CXC fit among the VMS / FMS and Global MSP Community?
  4. Ways in which to adapt to the new economy – via Rutgers
  5. Our Solutions – 2017 and beyond