How to Effectively Manage and Engage Contingent Workers Globally. #HRUSeattle

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How to effectively manage and engage contingent workers globally

As companies are expanding and souring talent globally the challenges to compliantly engage workers present numerous challenges.  On March 9, 2017    John Smith, Managing Director CXC Global Americas,  will discuss the various solution types globally (employed, self-employed and freelance).  The focus of the discussion will be on local compliance and risk avoidance.  This is intended to be free flowing discussion that will be interactive & open to all levels.

#HRUSeattle – HR & Recruitment Technology

#HRU events are a global series of events where the emphasis is on conversation, cross-level communication and free exchange of ideas and experiences, aimed at HR practitioners, recruiters and corporate executives about the latest innovations and technologies used in making HR easier. These events are organised in more than 50 countries across the world and attended by over 6 000 people globally. Read more about #HRU.

#HRU / The Future of People Management

#HRUSeattle will highlight the practical knowledge about cases of different HR and Recruitment Technologies. We will discuss the impact of Technology on various HR and Recruitment fields such as Training, Data Storage and Retrieval, Performance Management and much more. At #HRU you will also have a chance to network with top level executives from the most forward thinking organizations in the US and enjoy the spirit of a true Unconference!

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Participation is FREE of charge for the attendees who will be selected after the application process. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend registering in advance as the number of seats are limited.