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seattleThe New World of Work

The future of work is fast approaching and some would argue that it has already arrived. With the rapid changes in technology, companies are now embracing those technologies and the new ways of dealing with identifying candidates, retaining talent and employee relations. We are seeing automation and AI (artificial intelligence) now being used for mundane tasks. Companies are becoming smarter and leaner and there is growing interest now about the analytical side of the human resources component inside of talent acquisition and about how automation is improving the talent acquisition strategies that many corps are battling with today.

HRU Seattle Unconference

CXC Global Americas were delighted to sponsor and partner the recent HRU Seattle unconference appropriately titled ‘HR and Recruitment Technology’.
HRU Seattle was a gathering of HR technologists and executives interested in the evolving of technologies to identify and track talent engagement, using both robotic and pre-programmed algorithms and how automation is improving the talent acquisition strategies many corps are battling today.

Discussions and tracks

The speakers ranged in topics. CXC Global talked on some of the recent legislative changes to employment laws around the world to take note of, if engaging a workforce globally.  John Smith, Managing Director CXC Global Americas gave an overview of some of the best practices on how to engage contingent workers throughout the world with focus on a few regions; the many changes in Europe, specifically Germany and Netherlands, as well as Latin America. LATAM and its wide array of challenges to compliantly employ people in LATAM. Whether workers are engaged as full time or contingent, the costs in LATAM are high, due to employer related costs and employee benefits that any employer has to provide, despite it being a lower wage based market.


The overall impression of the event was that it was very positive in nature and a breath of fresh air. Our team have been busy attending HR specific events and conferences in the last few quarters and have experienced a degree of negative sentiment, in that a lot of advances were taking HR away in trying to automate it. The audience in HRUSeattle was very positive in embracing those technologies and the new ways of dealing with candidates, retaining talent and employee relations.

Likewise, the audience response and feedback to CXC Global’s track was very positive. Knowing that they had a global partner to work with meant they could extend their business reach and take on global opportunities that they had previously had to pass up.

The CXC Global Americas team in attendance enjoyed connecting with the attendees and forging new relationships for global workforce solutions.

Next up:

HRU San Diego, May 3, 2017 – Sourcing and Technologies

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