International IT Contractors payroll issues? Service your clients and expand your recruitment footprint globally.

Service your clients and expand your recruitment footprint globally.

global coverageCXC Global is your Answer to contractor payroll and compliance in over 65 countries.

With the expanded global demand of IT contractors by corporations for staffing, project, and statement of work, payroll of technology talent can take time away from consulting firm’s true expertise, advisory and recruiting.  In addition, the risks of getting global contractor classification (temporary, independent contractor, freelancer, corp. to corp, consultant) wrong will open an organization up to further workforce classification audits as worker classification adapt to today’s ever-changing worker engagement landscape.

CXC Global, a 25-year-old International Contractor Payroll and Compliance company that regularly partners with IT Consulting and Staffing firms to ensure payroll, compliance coverage, tax reporting, and benefits administration in countries that present challenges or where your company does not possess a legal entity.  CXC Global compliantly payrolls all types of IT contingent workers including, freelance, independent, employed, corp-to-corp, and SOW contractors, as we possess a network of legal nexuses in over 65 countries that work cross-functionally with each other.  CXC Global manages the complete back-office administration and compliance associated with paying global contingent workers.

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How we do it right

Global Operations

Each client is assigned a local Operations Director who works cross-functionally with our country offices to ensure every payroll law is followed.  All while payment, taxes, and benefits are administered on-time and securely.  Your candidate’s attention will only be focused only on the work contracted by your client.

CXC Comply

Our proprietary, cloud-based global contractor vetting and validation platform is how our network of 65 global, legal nexuses can lawfully and compliantly pay your IT contractors. This offers peace-of-mind to IT staffing and consulting operators and the administrative challenges of paying a contractor are covered by CXC Global.

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Why partner with CXC Global?

  • We have supported IT Staffing and Consulting firms for 25 years by administering compliant payroll for Global IT contract workers.
  • IT Talent shortages and high cost of accessing on-demand talent drive the need to tap into every corner of the globe.  Trust CXC Global to respond quickly including a turn-key model when new talent has been identified and is ready to begin the project.
  • IT Consulting and Staffing firms have to remain agile and not burdened by administrative challenges such as understanding a country’s tax laws.  Shift that burden to CXC Global, whose network of 65 Global operational locations are up-to-date on the latest in-country government laws.
  • We are not recruiters, which means your candidates are yours and will remain protected even when deployed to different projects and or clients.
  • Technology advances mean that people can work from anywhere around the world and collaborate on projects with ease.  CXC Global has seen it all and is flexible to meet the demands of your contingent workforce.

To find out more about our global workforce solutions, please contact us.

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