International Talent and the Global Energy Sector

Maintaining Compliance Across Borders

Lou Calamaras, CCWP Director Global Solutions CXC Global North America

“The global energy sector relies on international talent for implementation and data sharing to aid growth, especially helping clean tech.  The more global barriers that are placed, will reduce the amount of sector talent, hindering growth.  Keeping compliance in mind, our borders must be open to joint-ventures that combine talent strengths and financial backing to benefit all who participate and share in the actual innovation.” Lou Calamaras, CCWP, Director Global Client Solutions, CXC Global North America.  Follow Lou on Twitter.


Energy, a Bright Spot in Nafta Talks, Bogged Down by Dispute Over Rule Change

Expanding Nafta to cover oil trade has many backers. But energy companies are balking at a U.S. bid to drop a rule meant to protect investors from government intervention

The Trump administration is at odds with American companies over a proposed rule change to the North American Free Trade Agreement that is endangering a bright spot—energy—in contentious treaty talks.

All three Nafta countries—the U.S, Canada and Mexico—agree that a new treaty should aid the burgeoning energy trade. Under negotiation are initiatives to ease the construction of pipelines across borders, to aid U.S. exports of natural gas and to assist American companies opening gas stations or explore for oil in Mexico, officials…

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