IPOs and the Human Capital Compliance Factor

IPOs and the Human Capital Compliance Factor

Workforce Risk

The reason risk is often overlooked is executives, managers and professionals took a chance on working for a start-up and wear “risk” like a badge of honor.  As the IPO gets closer risk becomes a dirty word as all operations come under a microscope and suddenly worry comes across those with financial and workforce management.  At this point the agenda quickly becomes, how do we manage this risk or how do we off-load the risk to a partner?

The Pre-IPO business strives for any advantage it can in the pursuit of convincing Wall Street their client’s investments will return a profit.  Those who avoid giving “risk” the attention it deserves will face the most common roadblock heard on earnings calls.  The dreadful pause before explaining that a lawsuit prevented a profit from being recorded.

Human Capital Compliance

That is why workforce compliance is always center stage for the most responsible pre-ipo companies.  Investors require that public companies know exactly where their contingent workforce participants are located, how they are paid, and are classified in accordance with labor laws.

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