Keeping your Workforce Up to Speed with Global Growth

The momentum of global growth across your business is difficult to maintain if your workforce isn’t flexible and compliant in each country you have moved into.

Globalization World flight lines

Creating a workforce management system that allows you to expand in the direction you need to without the stumbling blocks so commonly associated with new territories is key, and the larger your organization is, the more unwieldy the process can become.

CXC Corporate Services and CXC Global in all its regions creates systems in which you can smoothly transition from territory to territory – or country to country -with a total talent solution. This gives you the compliance required in each new area and the contingent workforce management potential that will jump-start your establishment, anywhere you go.

The Nine Benefits of a Total-Talent Workforce Solution

We list the ways in which your global business can benefit from a partnership with CXC Global.

  1. Workforce Analysis and Planning

The very first step  in process is an analysis of your current contingent workforce, future requirements, and supply chain .

In terms of workforce, taxation, compliance, and expenditure on the workforce implementation, the expansion is simpler to manage if you know exactly what you’re spending, where you’re spending it, and how you can improve your process to reduce your employee costs. This makes your globalized workforce as cost-effective as possible.


  1. Vendor-Neutral Management

Across your organization, you may have many agencies representing your contingent or consultant workforce. We consolidate these agencies under one banner, and manage, negotiate, and implement your required contingent contracts. This allows you to reduce time expenditure, costs, and admin on the way to new HQ’s.


  1. Partner Program

We work with many reference agencies, FMS, partners, and standard recruitment agencies, providing them with the same line of services that we offer to you. This means that you can engage our services in unknown territories, and we will incorporate these agencies into our vendor-neutral management service.

We work in collaboration to manage and build strong ties and alliances, to maximize and achieve a solution or service to meet your workforce management requirements. The network they provide boosts our efficiency and your global capabilities.


  1. Workforce Compliance

Maintaining compliance in each branch of your global organization can be difficult. Ensuring that all contingent workers have the correct work permits, are adhering and complying to the correct employment classification on the correct salary type, and are categorized correctly for tax purposes, is just the beginning.

We understand these requirements, as well as taxation in each country, salary deductions, and corporate responsibility in terms of healthcare and unemployment commitments.


  1. Contractor Resources

Finding the workforce you need can also be facilitated through our contractor network. We supply services to contractors in all the countries in which we operate, and can give the advice, recommendations for contractor engagement, and inside info your need to set up a contingent or freelance workforce in any country.


  1. Risk Reduction

Risk mitigation is a huge concern in the contractor management process. Any company can be found liable for failures to implement the correct hiring processes, tax implementations, salary deductions or workforce employment permits.

CXC reduces these risks by ensuring compliance across the board for any contractor or contingent worker employed.


  1. Cost Transformation

Risk reduction helps to save you money, but further cost transformation can be achieved by auditing, analyzing, and optimizing your contingent workforce, worldwide.

Our established methodologies look at how many contingent workers you have, analyze the contingent workforce and supplier spend, and work with you and your suppliers to achieve transparent costs savings.


  1. Consolidation of Paperwork

We’ve mentioned this before, but with ever-changing taxation and legal requirements, managing the administration of your contractor team can be complicated, time-consuming, and document-heavy.

The team at CXC Global can take this responsibility out of your hands, and into our system, reducing your required input and saving you precious time, skills, and resources.

Keeping the process streamlined with the reduction in paperwork and consolidation of information allows you a cleaner, smoother process, with simpler insight into what’s happening in each branch of your global business.


  1. Exceptional Experience

With our experience in global workforce management, and our team’s commitment to ensuring compliance, effective workforce engagement, and risk reduction, we can help you to grow with workforce stability and effectiveness.