Labour Hire Licensing Queensland: Latest Update….

The Queensland Government has provided insight into the market’s response to the new Labour Hire Licensing laws.

Firstly, the government is receiving inaccurate information from some organisations applying for a labour hire licence. In particular, the government has stated, this relates to the supply of visa workers. Obviously, there’s a deep level of scrutiny taking place on those applying for a labour hire licence and current licence holders, in response to recent public complaints about unscrupulous labour hire operators.

The Queensland Government has come forward, reiterating a crackdown and strong penalties that go with providing false information throughout this process, and that they’ll suspend or cancel licenses for those they discover have provided misleading or inaccurate information.

There’s little to no wiggle room here for dodgy operators. The Queensland Government – and the public – are making sure of that.

In terms of the numbers since the new laws have come into place, the Queensland Government has confirmed that over 1,300 labour hire providers have applied for a licence. So far, 145 have been approved.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said this early uptake demonstrated labour hire operators were fully aware of their legal requirement to have a licence in Queensland and were “ready to get on with business”, Ms Grace said.

Compliance checks are a key operative procedure for the government on this issue – which they started from this week.

For more information on the Labour Hire Licensing scheme in Queensland,  you can find plenty of resources here, here and here.