It’s 2021: You’re probably due for a makeover…

Organisations, hiring managers, agencies, MSPs – they’re all looking for fresh, keen, hungry  talent. It’s a new year, and they need a new you. So…. let’s upgrade YOU to your latest version: V#1 2021.

Where to start, you ask? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out all the must-do’s for your BEST CV, to land you the BEST gigs this year. And keep in mind… you need to amplify your YOU brand beyond the CV. Think Twitter, LinkedIn – social proof – and plenty more… read on…Oh and… you’re welcome!

It's 2021... You're probably due for a makeover...

Sell your achievements, not your responsibilities

What have you achieved?

Chances are your current CV lists the key responsibilities involved with each role you have taken. But does it clearly demonstrate just how well you have meet those responsibilities?

Your CV should revolve around the outcomes you have achieved and the benefits you have brought to the organisations you have worked for.

Make the connection

Don’t leave it up to your potential employer to make the connection between your skills and the position available.

Validate the benefits you can offer your next employer by providing case studies…

Substituting the traditional career history section of your CV with a portfolio of case studies will make your CV:

  • Engaging
  • Relatable
  • Validated

Make sure your CV is optimised for recruitment software and and backed up by social proof.

Prove it or lose it

Social Media and Online Presence = Social Proof 

Unbiased comments and endorsements from peers and former managers help to validate the experience and qualifications outlined in your CV.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Post pictures on your social media that are aligned with your personal brand and back-up the professional image you want to portray.

Use social media to support the claims you make in your cover letters and CV.

Become a REAL thought leader

Put your knowledge to paper (well, to screen) and publish on LinkedIn…

Published posts become part of your LinkedIn profile… they are shared with your connections and followers AND… people outside your network can follow your post, which is searchable on the web.

Go Viral!

  • Every time your post receives a ‘like’, it becomes viewable to THEIR networks
  • Once your posts hits a fair amount of likes, shares and comments, LinkedIn will further promote your post to more members

Joining contractor-related groups and networking, like endorsements, are critical to your ability to raise your profile on LinkedIn…but be wary…they can sometimes be a real time vacuum. So, be judicious about your time spent in any groups.

And finally some basic housekeeping

  • Is your profile up to date? Give employers an up-to-date picture of your skills and history
  • Are your contact details complete? Include your mobile number – make it easy for employers to get in touch
  • First impressions count. Make sure your profile picture is current and depicts a professional image of you


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