Organizations – “Don’t Run Before You Can Walk”! Be Compliant, Do Your Research.

Case Study

Proof Is In The Practice

There is nothing better than bringing words to life via example, and in this new blog article, this is exactly what we have done. Over the next blog stories we will take a look at case studies that bring to life the value of managing your global workforce.

Overseas Tax and Compliance:

In early 2014, CXC Global worked with an organisation who expanded their workforce in to Norway. The organisation had a team of 10 contractors that would initiate the assignment, with additional placements increasing the team size on an ongoing basis.

CXC Global worked in partnership to provide compliant tax and payroll service solutions for all current and new employees joining the assignment in Norway.

It was at this stage that an issues arose. The organisation already had the initial team of 10 contractors working in Norway, and for a 12 month period. Unbeknown to the organisation, they had not adhered to a compliant framework, opening up a massive liability issue relating to back taxes and fines for the previous 12 months.

CXC Global’s expert advice and research into the situation advised that to get the contractors back into a compliant way of working in Norway and to cover the back taxes and fines, the organisation would be liable for approximately €10,000 per contractor, so an extra €100,000 cost in total.

Although this was an additional cost, this saved the organisation a huge amount of time and additional money in fines. A strong message arises from this case – using a compliant solution from day one will ultimately save you time, money and help ensure your corporate reputation is maintained. Working with a third party, such as CXC Global, will assist in this process, providing expert advice and guidance throughout the complex task of mobilising your workforce overseas.

With over 60 compliant country solutions around the world, CXC Global is a leading supplier of premium contingent workforce solutions.  With an unmatched suite of managed services for employers, contractors and recruiters, CXC Global helps thousands of organizations and individual contractors decrease costs and increase profits by providing innovative contractor management, compliance, payroll and remuneration solutions, risk mitigation and salary packaging solutions.