Partnering with a Global ‘CMO’ to ensure global compliant worker engagement


The World-Wide Workforce

John Smith, Managing Director of CXC Global America’s made the comment that “contracts with a freelancer stating they are responsible for taxes does not provide anyone indemnification.”

Global Contractor Compliance

So how do companies ensure they are compensating their workers around the globe compliantly?

A tongue-in cheek comment made at VMSA Live 2015 in Vegas that there was a need for an ‘Angie’s List’ of suppliers in the contingent workforce highlighted the fact that businesses are struggling to know the right way forward when it comes to engaging and managing their contingent workforce in the US and around the globe.

This coupled with the explosion of online human cloud platforms that engage workers for all types of tasks around the globe further reinforces the issue of compliance and how to engage and compensate a global workforce.

There is clearly a need to provide a service to companies that talks to engaging and managing their contingent workforce in a compliant manner.

Contractor Management Organization #CMO

A Contractor Management Organization (CMO) will do this very thing.  Taking it a step further to a Global CMO allows a company to align with a global partner that will not only manage their contingent workforce, but will ensure it’s done compliantly, thereby minimizing the risk for all parties.

CXC Global coined the CMO acronym and it has become a prominent term used in Australia and Asia.  With the continued growth in the US, Canada and Latin American markets, we envisage the CMO becoming a commonly used acronym, just like MSP and VMS are used today.

CXC Global have solutions in over 60 countries and over 20 year’s experience managing and payrolling contractors and providing compliant solutions.  Our global teams have extensive knowledge about the intricacies of global payroll and statutory requirements in all the countries in which we operate.  It makes sense to partner with a global provider of CMO services and trusted advisor to protect your company from the negative press, possible fines and penalties associated with engaging a non-compliant contingent workforce globally.