Passionately Curious – Future of Work Podcast

ABanner-7.-the-future-of-work-is-now-300x223re you interested in innovation and futurology in recruitment and HR?  Do you want to hear more about the opportunities emerging technologies can offer both organizations and the people who work for them?

CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring Matt Alder’s ‘Recruiting Future’ Podcast series for the month of May.  Connor Heaney, MD CXC Corp Services will also be interviewed on Matt Alder’s Podcast in May.  Date to be announced.

Matt Alder was a guest speaker at the CXC Future of Work Summit held in Dublin 2015, where his insight into technology and the future of recruitment were very well received.  CXC have been long term fans of the show and always enjoy the insights and intelligence that Matt elicits from his interviewees.

You can find Matt’s podcast at which features interviews with HR and Recruitment thought leaders from all over the world.  In each episode Matt conducts unique interviews and shares insights from industry experts who are influencing and changing the industry.

CXC Corporate Services and CXC Global are strong advocates of compliance, the future of work and are facilitators for compliant contingent workforce solutions globally.  Part of our mission is to educate companies and individuals around the globe and assist them to adapt to the new world of work, by providing seamless global solutions for their workforce. One of our objectives as sponsors is collaboration and to be the trusted advisor to clients, agencies and contractors, working hand in hand with them to ensure compliance is at the fore front of their Talent & Contingent Workforce Management. As thought leaders in all things related to global contingent workforce management, CXC is your trusted advisor and your chosen provider.  CXC facilitating the Future of Work.

Read on to learn more about Matt.

metashiftMatt’s ethos is simple – in order to shape your future as an employer, you need to better connect with the talent you need. Using his unrivaled experience of leading digital migration within large companies and unique insight into the opportunities emerging technologies can offer, he helps businesses get the very best out of their recruiting activities by looking at every aspect of their digital recruitment strategy. As well as delivering pragmatic business solutions that connect go ahead organizations with the elusive talent they seek, Matt’s also a respected commentator on the emerging world of social recruiting, a regular blogger, published author and accomplished public speaker. What’s more, he has also been acknowledged as being amongst the world’s top HR & Recruitment Influencers. Above all, 16 years on from his initial fascination with the online world, Matt remains passionately curious about the ever-changing shape of the digital recruitment landscape.

Ever since he first worked with the web back in 1997, Matt Alder has been fascinated by the emerging technologies that change the way companies go about recruiting people. Maybe that’s why today, some 16 years later, he’s recognized as a highly influential recruitment futurist and industry leading digital, social and mobile strategist.

We were very pleased to have Matt as a guest speaker at the CXC Future of Work Summit held in Dublin 2015 where his insight into technology and the future of recruitment were very well received.

We hope you’ll enjoy the podcast and welcome your feedback.

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