Alexander Moreira

Business Development Director


Alexander is responsible for sales activities within Latin and South America. He supports CXC’s contingent workforce management and access to talent programs, offering solutions, and business development for Telecom, IT, Energy, Logistics and all other target sectors.

With 12 years of experience in staffing and recruitment, Alexander has worked on several companies prior to joining CXC in 2017. Graduating in law in 2003, and with an ongoing MBA in project management, he has lived in the UK, USA and Chile, helping him solidify his expertise on outsourcing HR programs.

Broadly, Alexander’s expertise covers contingent workforce management, HR outsourcing, risk and compliance and talent solutions for Latin America’s businesses.

He has already brought to CXC several opportunities with relevant companies on IT and other working sectors.

When not working, Alexander loves singing in his band, reading books, listening to music and hanging out with his wife and family.