Serious about the Global Contingent Workforce

Certified and ready to provide even better advice on the global contingent workforce.

CXC Global North America are proud to announce that Lou Calamaras, Director Global Client Solutions, CXC Global North America has recently obtained his CCWP Certification.  We’d like to extend our congratulations to him for his hard work and dedication in the contingent workforce arena.


“Thank you to CXC Global Managing Director John Smith and my North American team for the support and driving me to earn this career achievement,” said Lou Calamaras, Global Client Director, CXC Global North America.  “It’s very special in this day and age that an organization cares deeply about career development on top of productivity for their team members.  I’m looking forward to networking further with the CCWP alumni community and implementing International Contingent Workforce Payroll & Compliance Solutions for my clients!

Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP)

CCWP is an accreditation program designed for HR, procurement, solution providers and others who manage corporate contingent/temporary staffing resources. The CCWP Certification assesses and expands the level of expertise of participants to create an elite brand of Contingent Workforce (CW) program management professionals.

Achieving the Certified Contingent Workforce Professional designation is an unbiased barometer of an individual’s CW program management skills and knowledge. It documents one’s mastery in the area of contingent workforce program management.

Lou is an integral part of our global solutions team. He has over 15 years of Business Development and Client Management strategy experience across multiple sectors such as Human Capital, Healthcare, SaaS, Analytics, IT, Telecom, and Commercial Real Estate.  Combining innovative marketing campaigns with direct sourcing methods, his partner growth success is attributed to earning the trust of his clients.

Global Contingent Workforce Insight

Follow Lou on Twitter and connect on Linked-in.  Below Lou shares some of his insight about the global contingent workforce and the impact of corporate and government developments globally.

IPO’s and Utilization of Global Project-based Workers Outside the U.S.

“When beginning an IPO, no matter global exchange listing, local governance requires that companies who utilize a global population of project-based workers maintain compliance within the contractors residing country.  That means the contractor needs to be paid in local currency, EOR or AOR must be a registered entity in the country, and the local entity must provide and submit all tax reporting and depending on the worker classification, withhold pay local statutory costs.  IPO delays are common however can be avoided with a trusted global adviser ensuring international contingent workforce compliance outside of the US.”  Lou Calamaras, Director Global Client Solutions, CXC Global North America

Apple, Clean Energy and a Multinational Hybrid Workforce

“Globally, corporate clean energy efforts are fueled by project-based workers or “non-employees” as this group of talent moves country-to-country addressing needs.  From the corporate side, it makes sense to hire these international workers on a contract or SOW basis because clean-energy build-outs turn off and on like a faucet, the pure definition of a multinational hybrid workforce.” Lou Calamaras, Director Global Client Solutions, CXC Global North America


If you’d like to learn more about CXC Global’s global contingent workforce solutions or contact Lou directly, please contact us.