CXC helps you manage your contractors, as well as providing tailored initiatives to improve your workforce quality and efficiency while reducing risks and costs.

Managing Your Contingent Workforce

Are you struggling to manage your contingent workforce compliantly and effectively?

Enabling Your Corporate Program

Are you attracting, managing and retaining top contingent talent?

CXC Comply

Are you managing and paying contingent workers, but can’t navigate the complexity of global workforce compliance?

Talent Sourcing

Are you looking to optimise your talent sourcing strategy?

Global Payroll

Are you looking to expand your team internationally?

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What our clients say

CXC continue to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of risk management, contingent workforce management trends and legislative change.

Chief Executive Officer Consultancy Partner Contingent Workforce Management & Corporate Program Management June 7, 2019

CXC’s clients have provided fantastic feedback on how we helped take their program to the next level.