Employer of Record

Compliantly and efficiently engage with overseas talent

What is an EOR?

An EoR (Employer of Record) represents a company that takes on the legal responsibility of employing staff on behalf of your organisation.

It is a solution often used by organisations considering global expansion. It ensures they, and their workers, remain compliant with local laws and regulations – without the hassle of establishing new, local entities.

Officially, the worker will be registered as an employee of the EoR; however, he/she will carry out the duties as if he/she were registered under your enterprise. It’s a cost-effective and streamlined means of expanding a business, without establishing a legal entity in a new country.


Benefits of using an EoR

There are many benefits of using an EoR, some of which include:

CXC Global Payroll - Employer of Record

CXC’s Employer of Record solution enables you to hire the right people to solidify your global presence.