The Contingent Workforce – 2016 and Beyond!

“2015 was a fantastic year for the CXC Global team, in terms of growth of market and responding to client needs. We launched our Corporate Services group in Ireland, a CXC Global Company, which is headed up by Connor Heaney and Orla Byrnes.  Following on from the launch of Corporate Services, two Future of Work Summits were held in July and November and as a result of the strong interest in the topics covered, the Future of Work Council has now been formed to educate the global market.

The Summits were a huge success, with over 100 top industry delegates and a panel of subject matter expert speakers from around the world.  Whilst we initially focused on EMEA, we had huge interest from the USA as well and we were very encouraged by the ensuing global collaborations forged as a result. We have also launched into the new ‘GIG Economy’ space and are progressing with payment methods that bypass banks, in addition to seeking other market voids and opportunities.”  From the Chairman of the Board, Dave Thomas.

View a short video overview of the ‘Globalization and the Future of Work’ Summit here .

The ‘gig economy’, also referred to as – On-Demand, Flexible Workforce, Contingent Workforce, Temp Labor – has exploded in the last twelve months.  It has changed the way people find work and the way work is distributed globally.  The ‘gig economy’ now enables workers to connect directly with a task/job and gives them the control and flexibility as to when they will work.  This has been made further possible by the digital transformation wave and the emergence of multiple online “platforms” to facilitate the ‘task to talent’ mechanism.

To quote Andrew Karpie a well-known research analyst, with reference to the gig economy, “Like so many of these terms today, “gig economy” seems to have a number of meanings, ranging from people doing very short activities (like taking 15 minutes to give someone a ride) to people doing freelance projects (like taking days to implement a website).  When I think of the “gig economy,” I think of digital platforms as the game changers.  Technology is really what has made this explosion, in short term work assignments for vast numbers of non-employees, possible.”

In December 2015, CXC Global published an article on the subject entitled, The Gig Economy….So What’s It All About?  #CXCFutureofWork

There is a “new normal” in the global workforce that must be considered when providing global workforce programs.  There is explosive temp labor growth, technology evolution with online work and freelance management systems, emerging global markets, global talent shortages in a knowledge based economy.  As the saying goes “it takes a village”, says Terri Gallagher of Gallagher and Consultants, one of the panelists at the Summit, in her article Global Contingent Workforce Strategy – Opportunities and Challenges.

Constantin Gurdgiev, renowned global economist and a speaker at the 2015 CXC Future of Work Summit in Ireland said of the ‘Gig Economy’, “I think it’s really crucial, in terms of looking into the future and the development of the future of work and the future of the workplace, to consider the issues which relate to the gig economy.” Constantin provided some very challenging insights into the global impact of the ‘Gig Economy’ as referenced in his recent article.

Globalization and the Future of Work

The #CXCFutureofwork initiative and campaign ramped up in 2015 with two international summits on “Globalization and the Future of Work” taking place in Ireland.  Banners and quotes on the Future of Work were published and global collaboration between clients, partners and networks, enabling us to further develop a global network to help educate people on the topic and share insights.  In conjunction with the launch of CXC Corporate Services, we launched the new CXC Global websites.

The Future of Work Summit has led to many new collaborative developments and initiatives, one being the CXC Future of Work Council, a global not for profit organization formed to create a global set of standards for workers and employers engaged in the ‘gig’ & ‘on-demand’ economy: a world first for an unregulated sector which is saddled by worker and government litigation.

Click here to read the full article, #CXCFutureofWork Summit Recap – Redefining the Future of Work.

Global Collaboration
Building on greater global collaborations (“it takes a village”) we have further developed existing relationships with our global regions and partners and are delighted to have the expertise, knowledge and experience of the 2015 #CXCFutureofWork Summit Panelists as part of our global network, including the likes of Andrew Karpie of Azul Partners – Spend Matters, Temp Buddy CEO Rod Smyth, Global Economist Constantin Gurdgiev, Steven Salsberg of Rision, Gallagher & Co CEO Terri Gallagher, Jason Kennedy of Alexander Mann Solutions and futurist Matt Alder.

Continued Global Growth
Despite challenges faced by global business and volatile landscapes in certain regions, we now have an operational solution in Israel.  Dave Thomas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CXC Global said in an article published by Global Recruiter, following his trade mission to the region, that Israel was a ‘hidden miracle’. To read the full article click here.

Drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of our global teams and networks, CXC Global will continue its expansion into new regions in 2016 and will see our country solutions expand to over 70 real in-country solutions, an unparalleled global footprint.

“Part of our mission in life is to pay back to the market place and educate the market place with what we learn in other countries and provide people with information that is valuable to them and to their businesses,” said Dave Thomas, Chairman of CXC Global.

CXC Global has undertaken to use its combined years of experience in the global compliance and workforce management arena to educate and assist businesses and individuals on a global basis. In 2015 CXC Global teamed up with well-known analyst Andrew Karpie to produce a ground breaking whitepaper entitled ‘Engaging the “World Wide Workforce” in the 21st Century, Flat-World Economy’.  The paper identifies and expands on the developments of the ‘new economy’, working patterns on a global basis, the challenges of sourcing ‘best talent’ and managing skilled talent from around the globe.  Refer to our article entitled The World Wide Workforce – The Rising Importance of Critical Talent.

The publishing of the whitepaper has led to further collaboration with leading industry specialists around the globe, including Andrew Karpie, Rod Hore, Doug Leeby, Beeline,  Click here to read the full article by Global Recruiter – CXC Global Whitepaper gives an insight into radical trends within the global staffing industry.

‘The Word’
As part of our endeavor to assist and educate businesses and individuals around the world,  CXC Global created ‘The Word’, a contingent workforce blog and are committed to providing regular market updates to our global networks in all contingent workforce related areas including; Globalization, Global Compliance, Global Trends, Global Workforce Management, Talent Management, Legislation and the Gig Economy.

CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company were delighted to have formed a partnership in 2015 with Rision, the global provider in powerful and intuitive employment technology platforms for candidates, employees, managers and HR professionals. The partnership will provide valuable assistance to our clients in terms of managing their workforce demand planning, helping them reduce costs and risk.  To read more about the partnership, click here.

CXC Global in the press! 
CXC Global and Corporate Services appeared in numerous articles throughout the year in relation to the Contingent Workforce, Global Trends, Global Compliance Management, Talent Management and Global Workforce Management.  Follow us on twitter @CXCGlobal and @CXCCorpServices, connect on Linked-in or subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on all the latest news at

Global Compliance
A hot topic in 2015 and one of our key areas of focus, which you can expect to heat up more in 2016, as the global crackdown on ‘Independent Contractor Misclassification’ intensifies, with governments from multiple countries around the globe entering into agreements to share information in order to recap on potential lost revenue.  See our recent article, Global Compliance – Crackdown on IC Misclassification for Contingent Workforce.

When it comes to worker engagement, CXC Global are committed to working with businesses and individuals around the globe on their compliance strategies, thereby placing them in a reduced risk environment and have been working on technology solutions to enhance our compliance management around the globe in the multiple regions we service.

2016 and Beyond
CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global Company are committed to hosting further discussions where we can define technology and an index of best practices to service and empower the mobile global contingent workforce and their employers.

We are very excited about 2016 and looking forward to accomplishing some major milestones with our global growth through new and existing collaboration.  We will be working hard to expand our global reach and build ties with global companies, organizations and people.  The #CXCFutureofWork events will continue into 2016 growing globally, kicking off with the ‘Globalization and the Future of Work’ Forum in North America in coming months.  More details will be provided about these events.

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