The Global Talent Movement….are you ready?

Being a truly global company requires an extensive global network of people, comprised of internal teams and external extended networks of professionals, specialists, analysts, leaders, advisers and the list goes on.

It takes a village” says Terri Gallagher in her recent article titled Global Contingent Workforce Strategy – Opportunities and Challenges. “There is a “new normal” in the global workforce that must be considered when providing global workforce programs.  There is explosive temp labor growth, technology evolution with online work and freelance management systems, emerging global markets, global talent shortages in a knowledge based economy.”

Managing over 10,000 contractors per month in over 60 countries around the globe means regular contact with a large number of skilled workers from various fields and cultures and their networks. High value is placed on the partnerships developed over time and being a vendor neutral business, enables alignment with technology companies that are leading the way with digital transformation. Success spanning over 20 years in global workforce management doesn’t come easily and is the result of combined teams’ knowledge and experience, visionary leadership, mentoring and collaboration with a vast global network.

The age of digital transformation and emergence of workforce intermediaries, means the world is indeed becoming smaller. Talent is being sourced from all regions and technology is connecting workers with work in what is referred to as the ‘gig economy’.  Says Nicole Le Maire in her article titled ‘Progression of global talent, a flexible workforce and technology’, “every industry has begun to prepare itself for operation in a flat world economy – a world with remote and easy access to talent and customers regardless of distance or language”.

In honor of the spirit of collaboration around the globe, CXC Global and CXC Corporate Services have joined forces to bring together an exceptional lineup of industry leaders and specialists to speak at the Future of Work Summit in Dublin, Ireland Nov 4th. The Summit will address the real impact the “new” workforce will have on organizations and people, around the globe.

Speakers include:
Matt Alder – Futurist and Digital Strategist – Future of Recruitment
Terri Gallagher – Human Capital Mgmt Specialist in Contingent Workforce
Contanstin Gurdgiev – Renowned Global Economist – Gig Economy Impact
Niamh Breslin – To speak on Startups, Innovation and attracting int’l talent
Valerie Daunt – Human Capital Director Deloiite – Global talent and trends
Rod Smyth, CEO Temp Buddy – Technology and the future of Work
Jason Kennedy – Alexander Mann Solutions – Recruitment and Data Analytics
Recently announced Steven Salsberg – Chairman Global Access Advisors and Chief Strategy Officer at Rision, an Australian HR Tech Company, providing innovative technology for the contingent workforce environment.

Join us at the Summit, connect with peers and industry leaders. Be inspired. Arm yourself and your business for ‘Globalization and the Future of Work‘.

For more information about the Summit, the speakers, topics covered and to register, click here Reserve your seat and be part of the Global Talent Movement.

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