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A few weeks ago, in the article Compliant Contractor Management – Contingent Workforce Classification we discussed the importance of correctly classifying your contingent workforce and the complexities that surround this topic in relation to tax implications, payroll rights and employee obligations. Mistakes can be a costly business for an organisation if they aren’t taking the appropriate steps to ensure they are adhering to local state and government regulations in their chosen country. However, this topic adds an additional layer of complexity when contractors are assigned overseas. The international tax implications of an overseas assignment can be extremely intricate and quite daunting with increased risk, varying country legislations and associated tax implications.

Two recent articles developed by the CXC Global EMEA team delve deeper into this topic and talk through some of the highs and lows, pros and cons relating to contracting overseas.

10 things you didn’t know about contracting overseas

As a UK contractor, there are very few places that you can’t operate. But, in some countries, professionals can face a potential minefield of regulation and legislation that they may not even be aware of, according to CXC Global. The international contract management experts have outlined some surprising – and shocking – regulations that contractors operating in these countries must be aware of.

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New contractor advice: The pros and cons of contracting overseas

Here at CXC Global, our international presence allows us to help contractors work overseas with relative ease. One of the many perks of contracting is the flexibility it provides you. You can easily take on a short role overseas and finish it in a matter of months, whereas you might have to sink a couple of years into a permanent role abroad before being ready to move on. Nevertheless, contracting overseas is a big step for contractors, and for new contractors in particular. Here we explore the advantages and disadvantages of contracting overseas, giving you plenty to consider before searching for contracts abroad.

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Organizations that have questions regarding workforce classification, globally, should consult an experienced contractor management solutions company such CXC Global.

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