What Will It Really Take To Implement a World Wide Workforce? CXC Global Is Working On The Answer.

Andrew Karpie, Workforce Industry Specialist of The Research Platform, recently produced a whitepaper with CXC Global to define the emerging World Wide Workforce and Contingent Workforce Solutions, why it cannot ignored by businesses, and what business leaders need to focus on to really make it work for their businesses.

The paper, entitled “Engaging the ‘World Wide Workforce’ in the 21st Century, Flat-world Economy,” develops this broad subject.

One of the key underlying aspects of the emerging WWW, is the ongoing expansion of Online Work Platform (OWP) intermediaries–the likes of Elance-oDesk, freelancer.com, and others out there now or not yet built.  However, while OWPs allow businesses and talent to find one another and arrange work, a whole other service layer is needed to legitimate and sustain the complex relationship between a parent company in one country and the worker in another.  This is where another kind of new multi-national intermediary, called a Work Arrangement Services (WAS) intermediary comes into play.

While online aggregators, marketplaces, etc. (OWPs) are indispensable to the expansion of the WWW,  global-scale  Work Arrangement Services (WAS) intermediaries are just as indispensable and perhaps in some ways more important.

The full white paper can be downloaded here at CXC Global.

For more information about Andrew Karpie, check out The Research Platform website, LinkedIn, or email Andrew on akarpie@theresearchplatform.com