What’s in store for contingent workforce management in 2016 – Infographic

The strategic approach an organisation takes to manage it’s contingent workforce needs to incorporate more than just ways to reduce the costs and risks associated with engaging its contingent workforce. This infographic looks at why a complete contingent workforce solution is so important in 2016.

Soon to become a necessity rather than a luxury, total workforce management programs will be high on the agenda for many organisations.

Organisations will be looking to achieve:

  • Integration of HR and CWM solutions
  • HR and Procurement working towards a common goal
  • Visibility into their entire workforce

By 2018/19 almost 50% of the total global workforce will be contingent

The ‘on-demand workforce’ will continue to grow and alter the way organisations find talent.

In 2016 the technologies that drive this workforce will globally become the common ‘go to place’ for recruitment and talent engagement.

Non-employees to make a significant impact on the average business workforce.

Not only will the engagement of non-employees such as independent contractors, become more common, but the level to which they are involved with strategic operational efforts and key business projects will intensify.

HR and Procurement solutions and software platforms, along with social networks, will continue to evolve and better integrate with one another. This will help organisations achieve improved visibility and control over their entire workforce.

The contingent workforce has revolutionised the business world and continues to lay the foundation for the future of the global workforce. Organisations that embrace this talent and understand just how big an impact they can make will be more likely to be successful in 2016.


Source: http://bit.ly/CWM2016