Why Partner with CXC Global, leaders in Compliant Contingent Workforce Solutions

Innovative Workforce Solutions

Globalization drives the need for an agile and flexible workforce model.  For over 26 years, CXC Global has been the trusted source to those organizations who utilize a global contingent workforce.

Talent shortages and high cost of accessing on-demand skilled talent drive the need to tap into talent anywhere.  Trust CXC Global to be ready with a turn-key model when new talent arrives.

Technology advances mean that people can work from anywhere around the world and collaborate on projects with ease.  CXC Global has seen it all and is flexible to meet the demands of your contingent workforce.

Governments and global legislative landscapes lag behind the needs of today’s organizations and today’s workers leaving them to navigate diverse and complex laws and regulations.  CXC Global’s 70+ in-country operations means we are up-to date on all the world’s payroll regulations.

Contact our team of specialists today to find out how we assist companies around the globe to ensure compliant contingent workforce management solutions.

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Written by Kathryn Hopkins