How To Win At The Future Of Work…. Right Now!

The Emerging Workforce Infographic

How to win at the future of work… right now.

We’ve seen how seriously major employers in Australia are taking the changing dynamic that is today’s workforce.

In light of this, do you know what they’re doing to

future-proof their business? Read on…

(HINT: one thing for sure is they’re embracing change)


With the composition of today’s workforce becoming increasingly fragmented, new rules apply to the engagement and management of talent – especially contingent talent. If this category of worker is managed poorly, with little or no compliance considerations, the price for business is potentially very high. Instead, forward-thinking organisations are embracing contingent workers, managing them strategically, and tapping in to on-demand talent sources to better meet their business needs.


It’s no longer about integrating your VMS or ATS with your enterprise technology stack. It’s about AI, robotics, job automation, and plenty more. Also, the impact of technology on talent sourcing, (online talent marketing places, including gig platforms) are where the smarter organisations are actively participating.


Taking a strategic approach to managing ALL workers in the business enables the focus to be on the value EVERY worker brings. By removing the barriers between different worker types, the smarter organisation can access workers on-demand, or on an ongoing basis, suited to their current and future needs.


Strategically managing their risk profile is the mainstay of future-proofed organisations who have taken on a blended workforce. Minimising risk by engaging non-employee workers in a way that is compliant, and that’s underpinned by a robust contingent workforce strategy (aligned with a total talent strategy), leaves risk to those organisations who aren’t prepared for the future of work.


A number of overseas markets are more advanced in the engagement and management of a blended workforce, than here in Australia. So… taking the time to understand how other successful organisations are achieving this, is a great (and easy) way to help forge a successful path towards the future of work.

Sounds like a lot to take in, right?

Not if you attend CXC’s EMERGING WORKFORCE SUMMIT. These key topics – and plenty more – will be covered by some of the best business and thought-leaders from across the globe.