10 Workplace Trend Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2018

It’s 2018. And the workplace is transforming. Digital technology will continue to drive significant change across most industries this year, as will increasingly prevalent flexible working practices and a commitment to achieving (the sometimes illusive) ‘work-life balance’. We’ve seen some of these changes gain real traction already.
Read on so your workplace doesn’t lag behind…
#1. Flexible workplace practices will reign on

Flexibility of how workers conduct their job will continue to rise. This includes a departure from the traditional 9-5, in-office style of working, to off-site, performance-based practices, where real-time feedback and employee engagement will be driven heavily by an increasingly digital environment. Exciting times.

#2. The workplace will get a whole lot more intelligent

AI will have a major effect on how many industries work, with some job families being completely replaced by AI.

AI has the potential to boost worker productivity, give access to better real-time data, planning and reduce workplace errors.

#3. A work-life balance; the great workplace dream
In order to attract and retain Millennials, organisations will need to create a flexible workplace with a culture that encourages a work-life balance for it’s employees.

Employers will need to be confident and trusting in their staff to allow them to get the job done in a much more fluid way than the rigid office bound, 9 to 5 traditional method.

#4. Culture will be key

Organisations will continue to acknowledge the importance of their company culture and core values, and as a result see an increase in investment in this area. Many organisations have already coined the new job role of Director of Employee Experience.

#5. Microsoft will continue to rule

Despite some new competition, Microsoft will remain the top workplace enterprise platform, and it’s doubtful that this will change anytime soon.

#6. There is still no I in team

Collaboration tools and today’s expectation of teamwork and knowledge sharing will further shape the typical workplace into one of highly functioning teams  rather than individuals.

#7. The intranet will attract more attention

To help boost collaboration and further evolve into a digital workplace, customised intranet solutions will gain added recognition, appreciation and worker participation in 2018.

#8. Big Brother will be watching… more than ever

The range of software tracking and monitoring services available will continue to grow, making tracking employees’ electronic moves even easier…not necessarily to ‘spy’ but rather to better measure productivity and outcomes.

#9. The rise of the contingent worker

Organisations will become increasingly adept at engaging contingent workers. In particular, knowledge workers and subject matter experts will have a more frequent and potent impact on critical business outcomes.

#10. Digital language fluency is a must

Considering AI is set make a lasting mark on the workplace, organisations expecting to remain relevant must engage digital literate talent to lead their organisation.

Sounds exciting right? And perhaps a little daunting. The only constant for the 2018 workplace will be change, so buckle up, get ready, and embrace the new world. To stay on top of industry trends & insights into the workplace, check out our Media Brief analyses, located here: http://www.cxcglobal.com.au/media-briefings/