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Has your Payroll Provider let you down?

Secure your payroll payments with CXC – We got this and we got you!


Switch to our simplified, streamlined payroll you barely need to think about

One invoice, one currency, no payment issues

If you have workers in several countries or work with multiple suppliers to source contingent talent, invoicing and payment can get complicated.

Not with CXC. We can unify all payments under one single invoice, in whatever currency you prefer. Then we’ll pay your workers and suppliers on your behalf — giving you back hours of admin time.

Never miss a deadline

We provide workers with a detailed payroll calendar that outlines key dates for things like timesheet submission.

Our system creates automated email and SMS notifications to remind contractors to submit their timesheets, and managers to approve them. Once that’s done, the system will automatically send you an invoice to pay, and we’ll manage payroll for the workers.

No more unnecessary risk exposure

When you hire and pay workers, you open your business up to a number of risks, from worker misclassification to tax issues to problems with co-employment.

Thankfully, we’ve been in this business for more than 30 years, and we know what we’re doing. We’ll work with our team of global HR specialists and labour law experts to keep your business safe.


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We got this, we got you!

Compliant payroll in 100+ countries

We operate through a vast network of legal entities around the world. That means we can help you hire and pay workers almost anywhere.

Full IP ownership

We provide strict governance and control measures to make sure your intellectual property is protected — wherever your workers are.

Effective risk mitigation

Our team are experts at minimising exposure and keeping your business safe from worker misclassification, tax non-compliance, permanent establishment and more. 

Team of global experts

Our global network of HR specialists, labour law experts and dedicated partners know their stuff. If you’ve got questions about compliant global payroll, we’ve got the answers.

Fast, flexible, seamless payroll

No more getting held up by complex international banking regulations or confused by local payroll customs. Your workers will be paid on time, every time, in the way they expect. 

Consistent worker experience

CXC can handle everything from onboarding to managing to paying your international workers — giving them a consistent experience from start to finish.

Global payroll solutions from CXC​

At CXC, we understand the challenges involved in global payroll. We also understand the importance of expanding your business, tapping into new markets and hiring the best remote workers, wherever they are. 

That’s why we’re committed to making international payroll as smooth and seamless as possible for our clients and their workers. 

3 reasons to choose our payroll services

100% compliant global payroll, now and forever

The regulations around engaging contractors are constantly changing. And keeping your payroll processes compliant across multiple jurisdictions can be a challenge. Relax — that’s what we’re here for. We’ll watch out for any regulatory changes that could affect you, and notify you in good time so you never feel the impact.

Hire and pay anywhere, without a legal entity

We understand how much value international workers can bring to your business. But setting up a legal entity in another country can be both costly and time-consuming. Our global payroll solution means you can skip this expense (and hassle) and go straight to the benefits of a flexible, global workforce.

Save hours of in-house admin

From chasing up timesheets to tracking down invoices to making multiple, separate payments, managing your own payroll for contract workers takes a lot of effort. We’ve designed our solutions to take the hassle out of running payroll. We do this by simplifying systems and using a combination of human and automated processes to provide consistent, reliable pay cycles — without the headache.

CXC Global

CXC Global has further supported our organisation on a global basis. They recently provided Asia Pacific payroll project support across numerous challenging geographies & jurisdictions. CXC Global’s geographic reach and local footprint enables us to readily access talent and ensure consistency and compliance in engaging workers all over the world.

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