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Simple, streamlined
supplier management

Demystify your supply chain and manage everything through one point of contact — CXC


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Engaging large numbers of contractors can get messy

And many organisations simply have no idea who they’re paying, or who’s working for them. This isn’t just a cost issue: rapidly changing regulations mean you need to understand who your suppliers are and how your contractors are engaged. But if you’re battling a decentralised, complex supply chain, don’t panic — there is another way.


Let us handle your entire supply chain

We offer a centralised, streamlined and simple supply chain management model (from your perspective at least). One that lets you manage your entire contractor supply chain through one point of contact — CXC.

Here’s what we can provide:

Complete audit of your existing supply chain
Single client cycle invoice and outsourced payments to the supply chain
System and processes for distributing requisitions
Performance management across different suppliers
Access to a portable supply chain of 600 vendors

Your supply chain, simplified

You pay us — we’ll do the rest

Keeping track of invoices from several different suppliers can get confusing — and it’s easy to lose control of your costs. When you work with CXC, you’ll only have one invoice to manage: ours. We’ll handle the rest.

Save 3-5% on your supply chain costs

We’ve developed a series of measures to help you control costs, from rate benchmarking to negotiating fair margins with vendors. On average, our clients are able to reduce their supply chain costs by 3–5%.

Reduce complexity and focus on your business

Why waste time liaising and negotiating with multiple suppliers when you could unite everything under one program? Our solution lets you hand over the time-consuming stuff to us, so you can get back to growing your business.

CXC Global

CXC put in the time and energy to really understand our business and our pain. And as a vendor-neutral party – with no allegiance to any recruitment provider – we were very comfortable with CXC from the start. We were given visibility on every element required to make the strategy work.

We’ve been very happy with how quickly the CXC on-site team have become part of our team, and how well the model has been adopted by the business. CXC are high-touch with our contractors, they’re responsive and available. The model really works.

General Manager for Recruitment & Engagement, Private Health Insurance Client
CXC Global

Our solution to supply chain chaos

Fair, agreed and standardised margins

Businesses that engage contractors through multiple suppliers often end up paying inconsistent margins and hidden fees, which can significantly inflate your costs.

We’ll work with suppliers to agree on fair, standardised margins so there are no surprises. We’ll also save you money by ensuring that agency margins only apply for a certain period after an engagement.

Pay benchmarking for consistent rates

Many organisations don’t apply the same level of rigour to their contractor pay rates as their permanent salaries. This means you may be paying inflated rates to certain contractors — and underpaying others.

We’ll help you to conduct rate benchmarking to make sure you’re paying fair, consistent rates across your workforce.

Simpler processes with fewer errors

We’ve been working to compliantly connect the gig economy for more than 30 years. That means we’ve developed proven and efficient internal processes that work.

We can offer lower (and transparent) costs, fewer errors and less time spent on repetitive processes and admin. You’ll just have one point of contact and one invoice to pay — that’s simple supply chain management.

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If you’re interested in seeing what CXC can do for you, or if you have any questions about how to improve your contingent workforce program, please contact us today. 


Implementing a contingent workforce program to reduce risk and cost for TAL

TAL’s workers were managed through a decentralised model by a number of suppliers, which in some cases led to a lack of visibility, inconsistent costs and increased risk – including potential for claims of employment.

CXC was able to review TAL’s existing model, supplier costs and contingent data and then provide commercial analysis for a successful implementation. This included complex negotiations across the supply chain.

CXC transitioned TAL’s contractors over a six-week period with minimal disruption, providing better visibility and efficiency. The cost savings implemented were designed to save them at least 5% within the first year.