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Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing lets you deploy the power of your own brand to access the best talent. Read our guide to learn more.


Cap Gemini

Engaging contractors helps you cut costs, gain flexibility and react quickly to market changes.

And we can help you to source and attract qualified, high-quality contractor talent through our direct sourcing solution. Read our full guide to learn more. 

What is direct sourcing?

Direct sourcing is when an organisation uses its own brand to source and attract contingent talent, bypassing third parties like recruitment agencies. That means you have more control over the process — but it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

An experienced workforce solutions partner (like CXC) can help you harness your brand to attract high-quality workers.

What are the benefits of direct sourcing? 

Access to a unique talent pool

Direct sourcing can give you access to your own unique talent pool, which might be made up of past contractors, runner-up candidates, retirees or passive candidates you’ve invited to join your network. That’s a huge group of people who are pre-vetted and already familiar with your brand. 

Big cost savings vs the traditional agency model

Using direct sourcing allows you to cut out the middleman — which often means reduced staffing costs. A good direct sourcing strategy should also simplify the vetting process, ensuring that every worker is classified correctly and minimising the risk of fines or legal fees.

Decreased time-to-fill and smoother onboarding

Direct sourcing helps you find large numbers of qualified contractors, quickly. A good direct sourcing provider can also help you design and deliver a speedy and efficient onboarding process and get your workers up to productivity as quickly as possible. 

Flexibility in a quickly changing market

Direct sourcing lets you respond quickly to changing market demands by deploying candidates that you’ve already vetted and approved. This adds flexibility to your operations and means you can scale up your workforce as needed.

More control over your brand image

With direct sourcing, you’re in full control of how your brand is presented. Even when you work with a third-party provider, they’ll be experienced in representing their clients’ brands in the best and most authentic way possible.

Improved contractor retention and loyalty

Direct sourcing creates a closer relationship between you and your workers. This allows you to provide an outstanding contractor experience so those same workers come back again and again.

How do I know if direct sourcing is right for my organisation?

Direct sourcing isn’t the only way to source and attract contingent talent — and it might not be the best solution for your business. That said, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing situation. Many organisations use direct sourcing for certain hires, and different methods for others. 

Direct sourcing might be a good solution for your organisation if:

You need to hire a large volume of contractors, quickly
You’re hiring for a lot of roles that require similar skill sets
You’re hiring for a lot of roles in a single location
Your workforce needs change frequently and you need flexibility
You want to protect and enhance your employer brand
You’re looking to reduce your spending on recruitment agencies
You need to improve your contractor experience

Direct Sourcing with CXC

At CXC, we understand that your workforce needs can quickly change. That’s why we developed our direct sourcing solution to give our clients fast access to top-quality contractor talent, whenever they need it. We can reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire, yes.

But more importantly, we can help you to use the flexibility of the non-permanent workforce, giving you an edge over your competitors.


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