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Simplifying contractor
management since 1992

CXC was founded in Australia in 1992 — more than 30 years ago.

And we’ve been working hard to simplify the world of work for our clients ever since. Read on to learn more about our story.

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From 1992 to today

When we opened our doors in the early ‘90s, the term ‘contingent workforce’ didn’t really exist. Instead, people mostly talked about ‘temporary workers’, which conjured up images of secretarial and administrative workers, or seasonal workers in retail or hospitality. Back then, our main offering was vetting contractors for placement into organisations. We made sure they were compliantly engaged and managed payroll for them too.

As the use of non-permanent workers began to increase, we realised that something needed to change. Today, engaging and managing contractors is still one of our primary offerings. But the workforce landscape is much more complex than it was 30 years ago. There are more worker and job types than ever before, and companies that engage contractors are operating in an increasingly regulated environment.

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What our clients say

CXC Global

CXC are a recommended, reliable and trusted partner.

Vice President APAC
Technology Partner

We have significantly improved the management and visibility of our contingent workforce, as well as reducing our risks and costs. Over time as we bring on more contractors, we will see an improved contractor experience.


New contingent labour model for IMG, brought visibility, control and business compliance of over 1,000 workers in the UK.


CXC continue to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of risk management, contingent workforce management trends and legislative change.

Chief Executive Officer
Consultancy Partner

UNSW was looking for the services of a well-regarded and capably resourced independent provider to engage, manage and payroll our contractors.
On an annual basis, we require the services for approximately 100 IT contractors across the university. It was important that we partnered with a provider that had the people, processes and technology necessary to support our contractors and the valuable work they do for the university.
CXC provided us with a comprehensive contractor management solution that met our business objectives…

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Case Studies

Our services


We can help you identify skilled contractors, all over the world. Your talent pool just got a lot bigger.


We can compliantly engage contractors in 100+ countries. We’ll ensure they’re correctly classified so you’re free from risk.


We can become the HR function for your entire contingent workforce, managing everything from onboarding to exit.


We ensure our clients’ local and international contractors are paid on time, every time, in their own currency.


Making the complex world of work better for everyone.

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What we believe

Managing your contingent workforce shouldn’t be a hassle

Compliance and vetting. Timesheets and expenses. Workplace safety. Care and benefits. Contingent workforce management involves a lot of different tasks and processes — but that doesn’t mean it needs to give you a headache. We work with our clients to streamline and simplify processes until their workforces practically run themselves.

Where you’re based shouldn’t limit who you can hire

Hiring international workers can help you to access new markets, increase brand awareness and expand your business globally. But it comes with a lot of challenges too. That’s why every company needs an expert partner to guide them through the process of hiring workers abroad — without putting their business at risk. 

Compliance concerns shouldn’t get in the way of your business goals

Doing business means running into a lot of compliance hurdles. Things like contractor misclassification, permanent establishment and visa and immigration problems, for example. If they’re not managed properly, these risks can have big consequences for your business. But we believe these are just obstacles that businesses need to overcome — not barriers to success. 

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