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We provide simple, streamlined workforce management for companies that engage contractors. Read our guide to learn more about contractor management services.


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Getting the best out of your contractor workforce takes time and focus.

But if your team are chasing their tails trying to keep up with admin, payroll and HR tasks, time and focus become a luxury. There is another solution: contractor management outsourcing. Read on for our full guide.

What is contractor management outsourcing (CMO)?

Contractor management outsourcing (CMO) is when an organisation outsources the engagement, payment and management of its contractors to another organisation. CMO providers act as an intermediary between companies and the contractors they engage, and manage those workers on the company’s behalf. The result? Reduced costs, simplified engagements, and a more consistent, positive HR experience for contractors.  

Contractor management providers (like CXC) take the entire process of hiring, managing and paying your contractor workforce off your plate. Here are some of the services CMO might include:

Risk and compliance

Companies that engage contractors have a minefield of compliance challenges to deal with — and regulations change constantly.

A CMO provider can help you manage these requirements and ensure your contractors are engaged legally and compliantly.

Health and safety

If health and safety for your contractors isn’t on your radar, it should be.

A CMO provider can help you to manage workplace risk and provide a safe working environment for your entire workforce — not just your permanent employees.

Account management and reporting

All sorts of niche problems can arise when you engage and manage contractors — and a CMO provider can help you to handle them.

They can also provide valuable data insights about your workforce to help you meet your goals.

Care and benefits

Contractors are often neglected when it comes to care and benefits.

But when you outsource management to an external partner, they’ll be able to give your workers access to a wide range of benefits — improving your employer brand and increasing contractor retention. 

Invoicing and payroll

CMO providers can effectively manage timesheeting, invoicing and payroll for your contractor workforce.

That means no more wasted time dealing with multiple vendor invoices or managing contractor payments individually. 

Onboarding and offboarding

CMO providers can get new contractors onboarded and up to productivity much faster than most companies can manage in-house.

And when contracts come to an end, they’ll work to redeploy valued workers, saving you time and money. 

How do I know if contractor management outsourcing is right for me?

Contractor management outsourcing might be a good choice for you if:

You engage large numbers of contractors
You work with a lot of different suppliers and want to simplify things
You need to reduce your workforce management costs
You use a lot of different types of contracts and want to standardise
You’re concerned about employee misclassification risk
You want to improve your visibility over your contingent workforce

Introducing MyExchange:

MyExchange provides a streamlined experience for contractors and hiring managers by automating workflows and driving greater efficiency. Custom-built on a Salesforce platform, our system manages the entire contractor lifecycle from verbal offer through to offboarding and extensions.


Our system uses intelligent journeys to streamline and simplify processes throughout a contractor’s journey with your organisation. 

That means contractors get an easy, self-service experience — and your hiring managers lose less time to repetitive admin tasks.

Custom integration

We know that introducing new tools and technologies can create extra work.

That’s why we’ve added an integration tool to our platform, so we can seamlessly integrate with the HR, payroll, and recruitment systems you already use.

Detailed reporting

Are you suffering from poor visibility over your contingent worker program?

We provide valuable, actionable insights from our system-generated reports, including pay rates, extensions and diversity data — so you’ll always know what’s going on with your workforce.

CXC’s contractor workforce management solution

When you outsource your contractor management to CXC, we become the HR function for your contingent workforce.

We take the hassle out of managing contractors, so you can get back to growing your business. And your workers will get a supportive, consistent management experience from beginning to end.


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