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Join us for an insightful conversation on the latest podcast episode as we sit down with Han Kolff, the CEO of Head First Group, a leading HR services provider. With a rich background spanning 15 years in the fast-moving consumer goods sector (including esteemed brands like Heineken and Danone), followed by 12 years at Randstad, Han Kolff brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion.

In this episode, you’ll gain insights into:

  • The far-reaching impacts of global labor shortages
  • The transformative influence of remote work on modern workforce dynamics
  • The digitization of recruitment processes and its implications
  • A forward-looking exploration of the future of work, offering valuable insights for strategic planning and adaptation

Tune in to this engaging conversation as Connor and Han unravel the complexities of today’s labor landscape and peer into the crystal ball to anticipate the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Don’t miss out!

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