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Content professional freelancer solution for a leading digital travel company

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CXC GlobalDecember 11, 2023
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The implementation of the new solution yielded significant results for the company, enabling them to overcome their challenges while empowering their global content professionals.

The digital travel company

The digital travel company

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This company faced the challenge of ensuring the compliant engagement and accurate reporting for their global content professional program, necessitating a robust solution to support their global expansion efforts.


The company collaborated with CXC to migrate 500 freelance content professionals across 60+ countries to ensure seamless onboarding, compliance verification and contract finalisation. Tailored support and resources were provided to enhance the content professionals’ experience.


The company achieved significant results by partnering with CXC, which included the complaint engagement of over 500 content professionals ahead of program go-live, a streamlined onboarding process, tailored client service team support, consolidating invoicing and regular management information reporting.

This leading digital travel company connects millions of travellers to a variety of travel options from transportation, homes and hotels. They enable properties around the world to reach a global audience and grow their businesses. Their mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world.



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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The Challenge

This digital travel company recognised the importance of acquiring and maintaining the best freelance content professionals from around the world to support their global expansion efforts.

They faced the challenge of ensuring compliance and accurate reporting for their global content professional program, which primarily focused on translation, photography and videography services. To maintain quality, compliance and control, they needed a robust solution.


The company partnered with CXC to develop a comprehensive solution for their content professional program. This involved migrating over 500 freelance content professionals from 60+ countries to CXC, ensuring seamless onboarding, compliance verification and contract execution.

CXC engaged with all workers, providing support throughout their onboarding journey. A dedicated team was allocated to assist content professionals, offering tailored welcome packs and addressing any registration-related queries.


The implementation of the new solution yielded significant results for the company, enabling them to overcome their challenges while empowering their global content professionals. The key outcomes achieved are as follows:

    1. Engaging and contracting content professionals: Over 500 content professionals were successfully engaged, with 450+ of them meeting compliance requirements and completing contracts. This ensured that the company had access to a diverse pool of skilled talent to support their content needs.
    2. Streamlined onboarding process: The onboarding process was streamlined, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring a smoother transition for content professionals joining the program. This enhanced efficiency and minimised potential delays in project commencement.
    3. Tailored support and reporting: Content professionals received dedicated support throughout their journey, including assistance with registration and contractual queries. Additionally, the company benefited from tailored live and automated reporting, providing valuable insights into the program’s performance and progress.
    4. Consolidated invoice process: CXC implemented a consolidated invoice process for the company, simplifying the financial management aspect of the content professional program. This consolidated approach enhanced transparency and made financial tracking more efficient.
    5. Self-billing: CXC developed a bespoke self-billing tool allowing content professionals to be paid quickly and efficiently into either their bank or PayPal account.
    6. Consultancy and compliance guidance: The company received consultancy advice on critical aspects such as insurance, compliance and right to work. This ensured that the program adhered to legal and regulatory requirements, mitigating potential risks.
    7. Dedicated compliance team: The implementation of a dedicated compliance team helped address any contractual-based questions or concerns that content professionals had, ensuring a harmonious working relationship between the freelancers and the company.
    8. Reporting and management information: CXC provides the company with regular reporting allowing them to manage tenure risks, enable workforce planning and also monitor spend levels.

    Through their partnership with CXC, the leading digital travel company successfully addressed the challenges associated with acquiring and managing global content professional talent. By implementing a streamlined solution, they were able to engage a large pool of skilled professionals, enhance compliance and reporting and empower content professionals with dedicated support and tailored resources. This collaborative effort has positioned the company for continued growth and success in their digital travel endeavours, solidifying their commitment to making the world more accessible for everyone.

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