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Managing onshore and offshore remote workers for a sportswear client

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CXC GlobalAugust 09, 2023



This client faced the challenge of integrating a solution into their MSP program to manage contingent workers and small suppliers globally. They sought a partner to enhance workforce management and achieve regulatory compliance.


CXC partnered with the sportswear company in September 2022 to manage their remote workforce and off-record suppliers. We provided tax, technology, and payment infrastructure, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks for the client.


CXC provided streamlined onboarding, dedicated support, and effective communication, which ensured compliance and efficient management of cross-border contingent workers in Germany, Netherlands, and USA.

This client is a staffing and services company specialising in sourcing information technology, accounting, finance, and engineering professionals, and delivering service-based solutions to Fortune 1000 clients.


Textile / Sportswear

Company Size



Herzogenaurach, Germany

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This renowned sportswear brand faced the complex task of integrating a solution into their Managed Service Provider (MSP) program to manage net new contingent workers and onboard small suppliers not on their preferred lists. They required accurate reporting, tighter compliance, and the ability to contract and payroll workers and suppliers residing outside the company’s central locations.

Managing diverse locations and legal frameworks, while ensuring compliance and consistent management across all countries, posed significant challenges. The sportswear company sought a partner with expertise in global workforce management, local labour laws, and a comprehensive technology platform. They aimed to enhance workforce management, mitigate compliance risks, optimise operations, and gain visibility and control over their extended workforce and supplier network, achieving operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance.


The strategic partnership between the sportswear company and CXC was implemented in September 2022, targeting the management of their onshore and offshore remote workforce, as well as off-record suppliers. CXC stepped in to provide a comprehensive tax, technology, and payment infrastructure to effectively manage contractors in the USA, Germany, and the Netherlands on behalf of the client.

With expertise in payroll, contractor management, and supplier invoicing, we ensured compliance with regional labour laws, eliminated tax chain risks, and provided insurance coverage. By using CXC’s legal and operational support, the client successfully mitigated complexities and risks associated with managing their extended workforce and supplier network.


As of now, there are 10 active contractors spanning the client’s operations in Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA.

Through streamlined onboarding processes and dedicated resources, CXC successfully implemented robust procedures for managing compliance, contracts, and payroll for cross-border contingent workers at the clients’ company.

CXC provided contingent workers with access to online portals, minimising manual processes and ensuring efficient onboarding. Additionally, CXC developed “Quick-Start” guides and welcome packs to assist workers during the registration process. A dedicated support team was available to address any compliance-related queries specific to the client. Furthermore, CXC assigned a single point of contact to all workers, offering support on matters related to contracts, extensions, and terminations.

CXC provided live status reports through an online tracker and conducted weekly catch-up calls with the sportswear client to ensure seamless communication. Moreover, CXC supported the client in their chosen vendor management system, enabling efficient management of job postings, work orders, and time and expense tracking for managers and contingent workers alike.

Looking to enhance your workforce management, ensure compliance, and streamline operations for your global contingent workforce and suppliers like our sportswear client did? Contact us at CXC for comprehensive solutions and expert support.

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