Providing a large professional services firm with a smooth and seamless implementation

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Business & Professional Services

The client

CXC partnered with a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The insights and quality services they deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over.

Currently, they engage approximately 64 contractors in Australia and 12 contractors in New Zealand through their talent marketplace. This is a 25% increase over the last six months, and they expect the number of contractors to continually rise over the next several years.

Given the diverse services this company offers to their clients, these contractors have a wide variety of role types, ranging from technology, to health, to consultancy.

The Situation

For the last two years, the company had engaged a recruitment provider to manage their contractor’s payroll. As it wasn’t their core business, they struggled with the specialised task of managing and paying contingent workers. Some of the issues included:

  • A lack of dedicated account managers and customer service support
  • A number of errors in invoicing, preventing contractors from being paid accurately and on time
  • Minimal reporting on contractor metrics.

For an auditing firm, these issues were frustrating for the company. This led to them going to tender to seek a vendor who could provide high value, best in class contingent workforce payroll services for their Australian and New Zealand contractors. CXC were successful in this tender process and immediately commenced implementation in January.

CXC's Solution

CXC’s key focus for the transition project was ensuring minimal disruption to the business and that contractor productivity, motivation and morale were not affected through the transition process.

CXC first engaged with stakeholders to get an understanding of current state processes and map the to be business as usual (BAU) process. The company already had significant data on their contractors sourced through their talent platform, so determining the transition population was straightforward and without delay.

CXC provided a number of template communications outlining the change for contractors, hiring managers, internal stakeholders and the incumbent payroll provider. We worked with the company to ensure all communications matched their tone and language.

Additionally, CXC implemented custom automation within our workforce management system, which allows for reminders, intelligent processes and more efficient workflows. Some of these include:

  • Informing them on the progress of an onboarding, when the contractor has been approved by our compliance division and when they’ve signed the contract
  • Reminding contractors of their start date, where to go and who to report to
  • Reminding managers on a contractor’s end date
  • Remind contractors of offboarding duties such as return of assets.

This system has allowed to focus on a more refined and streamlined experience both for contractors and hiring managers that takes advantage of the workflow and automation capabilities to drive greater efficiency.

The Results

In March, CXC transitioned all 72 contractors in Australia and New Zealand to our payroll, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Due to the centralised stakeholders, and a firm mandate throughout the business, transition has been smooth with minimal disruption. By developing communications in collaboration with the company, we had a 60% response rate on our first contact with the contractors. All remaining contractors were quickly followed up to ensure they were entered into the system.

Additionally, through the use of CXC’s system automation we’ve been able to ensure a consistent onboarding and offboarding experience for all contractors, reduce invoicing errors and improve the efficiency of administrative tasks.

“Transition of our contractor population has been incredibly smooth and stress free. Through CXC’s change management processes and communication templates, there’s been minimal disruption to our business or contractors.


Having direct access to CXC’s account management and implementation team, and a central point of contact, has been essential in ensuring the success of the implementation and fast turnaround times for any requests.


I appreciate the value CXC brings to the management of our contractors; from automatic contractor journeys to reduce manual administration, to text message reminders ensuring contractors are informed throughout the process, they’ve exceeded my expectations.


Although still early in the program, CXC is exactly the kind of partner we’re looking for. I’m confident in our ability to enhance our contingent workforce further into the future.”

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