REPORT: The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2020 – Asia vs. Global

What defines work and how it is performed?

The world of work defines modern business practices through forces such as talent, technology, and innovation. In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, organisations must recognise the importance of fostering creative thinking, promoting lifelong learning and nurturing top-tier talent, as well as continuously optimizing their global strategies.

With rapid technological advancements across all global industries, companies are struggling to achieve workforce agility and attract the talent necessary for accelerating organizational growth. But, are they utilising the right talent?

In April 2020, Peter Oreb from CXC, Christopher J. Dwyer from Ardent Partners and Philippe Eisenmann from Grab hosted a webinar to discuss major trends and differences in contingent workforces globally; and in Asia.  Topics included:

-The benchmarks various organisations place around contingent workers

-Why organisations are now focusing more on contingent workers

-How compliance and risk management differs between organisations

-Which business units within a company own – or should own – contingent workers

-The top areas of focus for 2020 – in Asia and around the world.

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