Direct Sourcing Talent and Global Compliance: How it Impacts Your Contingent Program

Beeline Webinar with CXC Global

Today’s corporate workforce is becoming more agile and blended with a combination of full time employees and contingent workers.  The contingent category includes the rapid growth of freelance and independent contractors in addition traditional contract and temporary workers. To capitalize on these shifts, companies’ talent acquisition strategies now include a combination of direct sourcing from various talent pools (internal & external) and online platforms, as well as traditional in-house recruiting.

With the known shortage of highly skilled and specialized talent, access to talent has become even more of a hot topic, and recruitment firms and talent acquisition professionals are now able to source talent from more avenues than ever before.

Beeline recently hosted a webinar with CXC to address the topic of Direct Sourcing Talent and Global Compliance and How it Impacts Contingent Programs.

Speakers were:

Chuck Young, Partnership Manager for Beeline

John Smith, Managing Director, CXC Global Americas

Connor Heaney, Managing Director, CXC Global EMEA

The following highlights the key takeaways from the webinar.

Key Takeaways

Access to Talent  –  Sourcing Channels

  • Many organizations have migrated to a hybrid contingent workforce talent acquisition model that combines MSP / Internal Recruitment / Cloud Platforms / Talent Pools
  • Talent pools are defined as Public (shared pools) and Private (internal to one company)
  • Pools are being developed by adding former full time workers, silver medalists for full time roles, campaigns to have contractors register within pools, previous contractors who had successful ratings,  full time and contractor worker referrals and interns
  • Beeline Direct Sourcing reduces time to fill by 4 days and saves 10% – 20%
  • Keys to best practices  – Stakeholder, legal & line manager buy-in on program, create a rewarding experience for contractors, ensure an ecosystem is in place to manage contractor management, compliance and payroll


Compliance once contractors are engaged

  • Contractors are registering with platforms and public / private talent pools to market themselves to companies
  • Ensure any contractor engaged as independent or self-employed has been fully vetted
  • Background checks are country specific
  • Contractors are willing to pre-certify their compliance, registrations for increased selection and faster onboarding
  • will offer companies global IC and Corp to Corp vetting and workforce classification with indemnification


IR35 and country specific contractor compliance legislation

  • Countries are following USA Independent contractor 1099 classification factors with ‘control of worker’ being the primary influence
  • Must have defined contract with Corp to Corp worker.  Best to define scope of work and a deliverable time table
  • Governments are adapting as more workers now carrying out work as freelances. UK, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Philippines and Malaysia recent changes to self-employed and Independent classification
  • Payment must be compliant with local banking standards preferred in local home currency

If you would like to learn more about how CXC works with corporations in the U.S and around the world to ensure compliant engagement and management of their contingent workforce, please contact you nearest CXC team member.