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Employee Engagement: What, Why and How to Improve It

Employee engagement: it can be the difference between success and failure as a business. Picture this scenario: you have a…

The Mobile Workforce: Is It Working To Your Advantage?

Firstly, let’s define ‘Mobile Workforce’. Your mobile workforce refers to the ability of the talent in your business, to work…

How Frequently Should Employee Engagement Surveys Be Conducted?

Employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees are given the tools they need to thrive and succeed during their…

Strategic Workforce Planning to Boost Productivity

Strategic workforce planning involves the careful analysis of the skills required for your business to succeed. This includes: The existing…

A Guide To Super Stapling In 2021

The 2020/21 budget has unveiled sweeping changes across the superannuation industry, with the aim of increasing the performance and value…

The Top 8 Workforce Trends for 2022 [PREDICTIONS]

It’s a big call, narrowing down the top 8 workforce trends for 2022. But we’ve done it. With most of…

Why is Employee Feedback Important to your Business?

Employee feedback has grown over the years from being a ‘nice to have’ HR initiative, to a critical workforce engagement…

[WEBINAR] Pre and Post COVID-19 Impacts on the Workforce and Remuneration

Join CXC and Mercer to discuss the impacts COVID-19 has had on the Australian workforce and how we are remunerated today.

How to manage and pay independent contractors

In the past 10 years, independent contractor payroll and management in Australia has significantly shifted. In the past, these solutions…

Hiring Contingent Workers: Signs Your Business is Ready

Hiring contingent workers has become increasingly commonplace across Australia’s corporate landscape. Most industries have recognised the value of these workers….

Managing a Remote Workforce: How to Build Worker Engagement

Managing a remote workforce: looking back a couple of years ago, most business leaders had no concept this was going…

Contractor Compliance: What’s the Risk Profile of Your Business?

Is contractor compliance an integral part of your temporary workforce program? If it’s not, then you need to read on….

Top Tips for Contractors Interviewing for Roles

It’s a good time to be a contractor. Ongoing talent shortages mean that 25% of businesses struggling to find suitable workers to…

LinkedIn for Contractors: Getting Better Bang for Buck

As a contract worker, the benefits and opportunities of using LinkedIn as a career building and networking tool are massive….

HR Outsourcing Solutions: What’s Right for Your Business?

HR outsourcing solutions have become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years. As workforces become fragmented – thanks to remote…

Changes to the definition of casuals – what does it means for your business?

Watch our short explainer video to understand what you need to do to remain compliant following the sweeping changes brought about by recent amendments to the Fair Work Act.

Contingent Workforce Management: What Employers Need To Know

Contingent workforce management: it’s a talent phrase that’s become synonymous with efficient, flexible working arrangements. And of course, in these…

Diversity in the Workplace: How to Educate Your People

Diversity in the workplace: yes, the concept is nothing new. The cultural, interpersonal, commercial and strategic benefits of a diverse…

Different types of diversity in the modern workplace

In today’s day and age, many organisations are well acquainted with the benefits that fostering a diverse workforce can provide….

Automation and the Impact on Jobs

As technology progresses, many categories of jobs currently undertaken by people are being increasingly delivered by machines. We reviewed this…

Contingent Workforce Accounting: Your Workforce is Bigger Than You Think!

By now, you’re likely aware of the many benefits available to your organisation, from tapping into the talent pool of…

Workplace Training Programs

Workplace Training Programs: 5 Steps to Stronger Employees Despite the unrest we’re experiencing at the hands of COVID, Australia’s unemployment…

What’s the Difference Between Talent Acquisition and Recruiting?

Ongoing border closures, shrinking international arrival caps and global uncertainty have led to a widespread talent shortage. With one in…

Superannuation Changes 2021: How are contractors being affected?

Since the 1st of July, employers have needed to increase the mandatory super contribution from 9.5% to 10% of their…

Why Hard Skills are so Important to Your Business

Hard skills vs soft skills. Is the perpetual talent debate, right? There’s been a lot of discussion in the media…

Data-Driven Decision Making: Your Secret Workforce Weapon

Data-driven decision making – it’s not as complex as it might seem and has the power to transform your contingent…

Weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of contracting

Contracting is indisputably one of the fastest growing employment arrangements in Australia and around the world. The fact that so many…

Expert Insight: How to Manage your Contractor Payroll

What’s your contractor payroll approach? With today’s workforce made up of so many different categories of workers, the process of…

Independent Contractor Background Checks: Your Complete Guide

With today’s competitive war for talent, organisations are wanting contractors faster from around the world to fill niche skillsets. But many companies do not extend the same background checking rigour to their contingent workforce as they do their permanent.

CASE STUDY: The Importance of Vendor Management

Why Vendor Management is Important Vendors and vendor management are an incredibly important part of most business operations. It’s how…

Tax deductions for working from home?

At the start of last year, who could have imagined the incredible upheaval of the modern working environment. With the…

Workforce Development

How to Future-Proof Your Workforce Approaching workforce development as a dedicated, strategic initiative offers your business multiple benefits. And in…

Salary Benchmark Snapshot | COVID-19’s Impact

Here is a snap shot of CXC’s Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark report, taking a look at how COVID-19 impacted contractor pay rates in Australia.

Salary Benchmark Snapshot | Gender and Age

Here is a snap shot of CXC’s Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark report, taking a look at some trends in contractor pay rates aligned with gender and age.

What are the Benefits of Contingent Workers?

If you’re an organisation that hasn’t yet realised the benefits of contingent workers, it’s time to take a look.. A…

Remote working in Australia – another fad or an overall trend?

After reviewing the changes in the workplace over the last decade, we have identified the emerging trend of remote working in Australia – is it for you?

How to Motivate Contingent Workers

How to Motivate Contingent Workers You might think it’s not important to motivate your contingent workers, given they’re only going…

Best Practices for Running a Global Contingent Workforce Solution

A global contingent workforce: is this something you’ve considered for your business, in these times of COVID-19 and the consequent…

3 Ways to Mitigate Risk in Your Contingent Workforce Program

Contingent talent is one of the fastest growing segments of the contemporary workforce, accounting for up to 30% of total…

3 ways HR Managers can harness HR data in 2021

In this post we provide 3 key ways for HR leaders to leverage HR data in 2020. Now you can gain a competitive advantage with data driven decisions.

Strategic Sourcing – The Key to Smart Contingent Workforce Solutions

There are many contingent workforce solutions you can deploy to get the most out of your contingent workers. The solutions…

Is there a talent shortage and is it starting to hurt your business?

We’re hearing (what feels like) a consensus from a number of our clients, and across the market, that the global…

The Vendor Management System and Contingent Workforce Management

What is a Vendor Management System What is a vendor management system, I hear you ask? It’s only the single…

Contingent Workers Pros and Cons

Weighing up the pros and cons of contingent workers for your talent population is a critical business practice today. Why?…

Contractor Payrolling

Everything You Need to Know About Contractor Payrolling Right now, contingent workers make up around one third of the workforce…

Remote Work Trends 2021: What Is the Future Of Remote Work?

2020 & 2021 have had a significant impact on the way we work. For many of us, working from home…

New Zealand Employment Trends to Watch in 2021

Employment Trends NZ After the year that was 2020, employment trends across the globe were vastly altered. The prevailing economic…

Frequently Asked Questions About Contingent Workers

Contingent workers, part-timers, consultants, freelancers, temps, contractors – everyone’s talking about them, but what are they, how do you manage…

Changes to the Fair Work Act pass parliament

Major reforms to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) relating to casual employment passed through parliament on the 22nd of…

Career Trends in Australia

Australian Recruitment and Career Trends: 2021 2020 really turned things upside down, in terms of recruitment and career trends. Economic…

Top 5 gig economy trends for Australia in 2021

The gig economy continues to grow at a rapid rate. Here are the top 5 gig economy trends for Australia in 2021 your organisation can benefit from.

Sourcing Non-Permanent Workers Online: Fad or Fixture?

Non-permanent workers – it appears they’re here to stay, demonstrated by the shifting mindset of corporate Australia. This shift goes…

New to contracting? CXC Australasia answers your questions!

So you’re new to contracting, and not sure where to start? With most organisations looking to make greater use of…

Real Life Contingent Workforce Nightmares: The Stuff They Don’t Tell You!

There are genuine risks associated with engaging contingent workers in your business. And at CXC, we’ve seen first-hand when these…

Checklist: How to choose a Contingent Workforce Management Partner

Are you working with a contingent workforce management partner? Are they the right partner for your business? Not sure? Then…

The importance of understanding the true value of contingent workforce data

Contingent workforce data can be the competitive edge your business needs and the right insights can be game changing. Read on to learn why.

Legislative changes to casual employment – what it means for business

Watch CXC’s latest video for a comprehensive overview of the upcoming casual employment changes, what you need to do to remain compliant, as well as what the next steps are.

Engaging contractors and the risks of sham contracting

There are many benefits in taking on contractors, but also many risks. Sham contracting incurs big penalties. Read on to avoid the pitfalls.

How can direct sourcing contingent talent benefit your organisation?

Direct sourcing contingent talent is here to stay. Here are the key points to saving time and money with a direct sourcing strategy.

Contingent workforce employment 2021 risk update

Access CXC’s Contingent Workforce 2021 Risk Update Webinar, focusing on the most substantial updates to the Fair Work Act

What is contractor management? It’s more than just payroll!

Contractor management is an essential service for organisations with contingent workers. This guide will help you to find the right service.

What are the risks of engaging contingent workers?

The risks of engaging contingent workers present constant challenges for organisations. This post examines ways to mitigate these risks.

Statement of Work contract: are your processes up to date?

A Statement of Work contract offers organisations greater control and risk mitigation over their contingent labour. Here’s how.

Contract labour entitlements for non-employees – what are they?

Contract labour entitlements have always been complex and confusing. Here we outline the differences, specific benefits and responsibilities.

How to achieve diversity and inclusion in a contingent workforce

Diversity and inclusion must be extended to the contingent workforce if your company is to attract quality contingent workers.

It’s time to disengage a contingent worker – what happens now?

It’s time to disengage a contingent worker. It’s a difficult decision but these performance management strategies will deliver good outcomes.

Four essential tasks for contractors to complete in 2021

These essential tasks for contractors will put you in the best position for job opportunities in 2021 to ensure you remain competitive.

15 tips to manage contingent workers for better engagement

These 15 tips are fundamental for any organisation to manage contingent workers successfully for better engagement and relationships.

Contingent Workforce 2021 Risk Update Webinar

Join us for our first webinar of 2021 and get up-to-date with the key workforce risks you need to get across as we begin the new year.

Jobs Outlook for 2021: Contingent Workers and Beyond

In the Jobs Outlook guide for 2021, we’ve reviewed the industries worth noting in the Australian market currently engaging contingent workers.

Lessons in contingent workforce management observed in 2020

2020 provided a multitude of lessons in contingent workforce management. Here are a few we’ve observed to make your 2021 more successful.

A successful program for direct sourcing contractors using best practice

We brought together international industry leaders to discuss best practice management of direct sourcing contractors. Read more here.

State By State: A comparison of labour-hire licensing laws

With these states now on board, we’ve compiled a comparison of the different labour-hire licensing laws across SA, Queensland and Victoria.

Category Review: Technology and Innovation in the Workforce

We take a look at some of the hot issues around technology and innovation in the workforce during the last 12 months. View our insights here.

It’s 2021- is your CV due for a makeover?

Employers are seeking enthusiastic talent in 2021. Does your CV reflect what you’re really capable of? Here are the ‘must-dos’ to land the best gig this year.

5 ways business culture improves your contingent workforce performance  

Learn how your business culture can directly impact performance and engagement levels of your contingent workers with these 5 essential tips!

Reducing workforce risk: worker types and their entitlements

Reducing workforce risk is a major focus today. Knowing your worker types and entitlements is key to risk reduction. Learn more here…

Industries where in-demand skills remain buoyant post-Covid

Why are some industries booming and others flailing? This post looks at key industries and in-demand skills needed in a post-pandemic world.

Six tips on how to hone your contractor skills in preparation for 2021

To position yourself in the best way possible for 2021, here are some of the most important contractor skills to remain competitive.

How to successfully minimise contingent workforce risk

We show you how to avoid the threats your business is exposed to when you don’t minimise contingent workforce risk – and the consequences.

FREE WEBINAR | Redefining Direct Sourcing for ANZ

Join us for this free webinar to gain insights on how your organisation can be at the forefront of Direct Souring in the ANZ market.  

Most prevalent myths and surprising truths on direct sourcing contractors

There are many misconceptions surrounding direct sourcing. This post outlines some of the most prevalent myths and some surprising truths.

Manage contingent workers and boost value to your business

Are you making the most of your strategic approach to managing contingent workers to maximise their value and potential for your business?

Managing end date processes and solutions for contingent workers

This post examines the dangers for companies that don’t have an end date management process in place or solutions for contingent workers.

Direct Talent Sourcing – more valuable insights for your organisation

In this second of our 2-part series, we look at more vital strategies that will enable your direct talent sourcing program to succeed.

A valuable checklist that supports implementing a Direct Sourcing Program

The first of this two-part series examines the value of implementing a strategic direct sourcing program for permanent and contingent talent.

Can Contingent Labour Help Our Economy? 4 Insights That Say ‘YES’!

Can the engagement of contingent labour help our economy? We’ve uncovered four insights that determine yes, it can. Read on for more…

Why now is the perfect time to consider a contracting career

Across the world, contingent workers are fast becoming the dominant form of engagement. Is now the time to consider a contracting career?

Resources Sector and Contingent Workers: Success at Work

The resources sector have demonstrated proven strategies for the successful deployment of contingent workers. Here are two such examples.

AI and Contingent Workers: 4 Major Critical Applications

Have you thought about AI and contingent workers? Today we uncover some major applications relating to the management of contingent workers.

Optimising workforce management for Government contractors

Government departments reviewing their contingent workforce management programs should ensure they improve the worth of their contractors.

Worker health and wellbeing crucial for organisational leadership

Worker health and wellbeing are at an all-time high in terms of company focus. In this RUOK? week, we review our recent research analysis.

The benefits of a contingent workforce during a pandemic

This post shows the multiple benefits to organisations employing a contingent workforce during a pandemic. Are you taking advantage of these?

Efficient implementation of workforce management solution for Optus

We interview Nathan Nankivell, Talent Acquisition Manager at Optus on the recent implementation of a contractor workforce management program.

Analysis: Contingent Workforce Cost Savings – Insights and Benefits

Contingent workforce cost savings is one of the many benefits of a multi-category workforce population. Read more here to find out why.

How non-employee workers can transform your business

It’s essential your business has a strategy to source, engage and retain non-employee workers. Are you maximising your investment in this talent pool?

Three strategies to improve health and safety for contractors

Has your organisation failed to assess the performance of your health and safety program for contractors? Here are 3 strategies for improvement.

Victoria: Findings from Inquiry into the on-demand workforce

This post reviews the findings and recommendations from the Victorian Government’s Inquiry into the on-demand workforce across the Victorian labour market.

Fair work Australia’s pandemic considerations for new financial year

Fair Work Australia’s pandemic considerations for the new financial year have been released, and are worthy of reviewing for all Australian employers.

Known talent should be an essential part of your contractor hiring strategy

When hiring contractors, employers seek optimal ways to source, engage and retain talent. Accessing known and proven contractors could be the answer.

Finding and keeping the right talent in uncertain times

To remain competitive in this environment, organisations need to focus on finding and keeping the right talent. This post examines ways to do this.

Public companies and contingent workers: a growing relationship

Public companies are increasingly engaging contingent workers as a central part of their workforce strategy. Find out why it’s working for them.

Wellness in the workplace – is it now more important than ever?

Read the latest insights and solutions about wellness in the workplace, increasingly important for organisational performance and worker engagement.

[NEW EBOOK] The Future of Work in a Post COVID World

As the COVID crisis continues, we look at the major considerations of the future of work in a post COVID world. Essential reading for all businesses.

6 Contingent worker considerations during COVID: Are we there yet?

As the COVID pandemic remains, organisations are faced with an increasing number of contingent worker considerations. Here are some of the major ones.

Managing workforce risk during COVID-19: Legislation Changes

In the second instalment of insights from our recent workforce risk webinar, we look at the risks of remote working, and the risks of returning to work.

Are contractors the best cover for insurance companies during COVID-19?

This post outlines some of the biggest challenges facing insurance companies and how appropriate engagement and use of contractors proves a winning strategy.

Managing workforce risk during COVID-19: The risks of remote working

In the second instalment of insights from our recent workforce risk webinar, we look at the risks of remote working, and the risks of returning to work.

Managing workforce risk during the era of COVID-19

Managing workforce risk in the COVID era has become a critical issue. Get insights and valuable learnings from leading industry experts on this topic here.

Labour Hire Laws Victoria: Update June 2020

The Labour Hire Licensing Authority in Victoria has announced easing of restrictions of labour-hire laws for a short time due to the COVID crisis. Read more:

Telco industry: Talent strategy for the COVID crisis

The COVID crisis has caused many industries to shift their talent model. In this post we look at how the telco industry can adopt a better talent strategy.

The future of work in a post COVID-19 World: Part 2

The future of work looks vastly different now to estimates in January 2020. Part 2 reviews the likely downsides of the future-of-work post COVID-19 review.

[WEBINAR ON DEMAND] Managing Workforce Risk During COVID-19

Hear from our expert panel on how to manage workforce risk during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintain business continuity during COVID-19 with contingent workers

If your business is struggling to maintain continuity during COVID-19 consider the untapped value of skilled contingent workers with immediate availability.

What does the future of work look like in a post COVID World?

What will the future of work look like, in a post COVID world? This is the first in a 3-part series where we take a look at the workforce post pandemic.

Contingent workers in healthcare could be a lifeline for Australia

There’s a shortage of contingent workers in healthcare, at the frontline, in tech, support and right across the board. There is a way to fill this gap.

Webinar: Agile workforce – remote workers

Paul Brophy, NZ Country Manager for CXC, was invited by the EMA to discuss how organisations can effectively manage remote…

4 critical factors for contingent labour and COVID-19

Paul Chiswick discusses important issues to consider around how contingent labour is helping business to remain productive and successful during Covid-19.

Access to Talent: The Essential Guide for 2020

Despite these uncertain times, businesses needs to establish a strategic ‘access to talent’ approach. How do you make quality people your competitive edge?

Engaging hard-to-find Global Contractors during COVID-19

If you’re after specialist talent, global contractors are a valuable option for you at this time to ensure continuity in your business during COVID-19.

CHECKLIST! Managing Remote Workers During COVID-19

Download this handy checklist for managing remote workers that will enable you to move forward with confidence to navigate the world of work during COVID-19.

Manage a Successful Global Contingent Workforce – 4 Best Practice Tips

Considering expansion from a local to a global contingent workforce strategy? Implement the 4 best practice tips for a successful approach to growth.

Could the 4-day working week become a thing in Australia?

As organisations across the globe consider a shift to a 4-day working week for their employees, we consider: could this become a thing in Australia?

How to address the Australian skills shortage

Hard to source skills provide ongoing evidence of the Australian skills shortage. We outline here some strategic means to address this issue in your company.

Annual Trends Review: The Australian Workforce (2019/2020)

We’ve taken insights from the Australian workforce trends from 2019 and provided the workforce intel you need for a successful 2020. Read more here.

The evidence for investing in worker health and wellbeing

With so many stressors present in our ‘always on’ digital lifestyles today, worker health and wellbeing is now crucial. Is your environment well balanced?

3 must do’s for effective contingent worker performance management

What would you do, if right now, your CEO asked you to show them recent performance management reporting for your…

11 ways to comfort and support your people during a crisis

The best way to support your people during a crisis is to put them first. Here are some suggestions for HR leaders on how to restore workers’ well-being.

LinkedIn’s latest report on emerging job trends for 2020

LinkedIn has released its report on emerging job trends for 2020 – the top 15 roles expected to be prevalent as we head into the new decade. Find out more.

3 ways to beat rogue spending on contingent workers

Rogue spending is a common pitfall when engaging contingent workers. Here we outline the steps to prevent this financial burden on your workforce plan.

Artificial Intelligence: Will It Take Over Your Workforce?

Artificial intelligence has many applications in our daily lives but what about its impact on your workforce? Here are 4 great insights into the value of AI.

4 Workforce Trends for 2020 reveal insights to optimise your workforce

There are a number of dominant workforce trends emerging for 2020. Paul Chiswick from CXC uncovers four major trends tipped to dominate the workplace.

Generational Diversity in the Workforce – are you prepared?

GENERATIONAL DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE Generational diversity is officially here. For the first time ever, 2019 saw five generations actively…

Workforce News: Data shows increasing demand for contingent workers

Australia: Workforce News – Q2 2 FY 2020 LATEST WORKFORCE NEWS: Contingent jobs on the rise (Sunsuper Australian Job Index)…

HELP! How do I Align the Contingent Workforce with Corporate Goals?

It’s an interesting question: How do I align the contingent workforce with corporate goals?And it isn’t as simple as it…

Provide the maximum experience for your contingent workers – Part 2 of 2

Last week, we looked at three key elements that make for a positive experience for your contingent workers. These are:…

Consider the benefits of contingent workforce diversity in your business

Have you thought about the concept of diversity in your organisation’s contingent workforce? There’s no question as to whether workforce…

3 key ways to optimise your contingent worker experience – Part 1 of 2

It may come as a surprise to you but your contingent worker experience is hugely important to the success of…

NZ News: Immigration and Visa Changes

Jacinda Ardern’s NZ Government recently announced significant changes to immigration and the employer-assisted work visa laws. Hoping to demonstrate their…

Placing More Contractors. How Agencies Can Boost Their Book

Whether you’re new to placing contractors or keen to grow your already substantial contractor book, this event is for you.

Why You Should Apply Analytics To Your People Strategy…

Applying analytics to your people strategy seems like common sense. Today. But in recent times past, ‘HR’ was often considered…

How to be a competitive contractor in the changing world of work

The modern Australian workforce is in a state of upheaval. Just look at the rise of the contingent workforce –…

HR Data: Three Talent Opportunities to Explore Today [Part 2 of 2]

Last week, we looked at three of the key opportunities for organisations to consider, for the application and strategic use…

HR Analytics: Top 3 Opportunities for Optimum ROI [Part 1 of 2]

HR Analytics might seem to be the ‘latest thing’ in today’s high-tech, algorithm-driven world; something you perceive isn’t really part…

NZ News: The Triangular Employment Relations Bill

The Triangular Employment Relations Bill provides New Zealand labour-hire, contract and temp workers with greater protections under the recently passed…

AUCKLAND BREAKFAST EVENT: Redefining HR in the Gig Economy!

The gig economy is here – it’s changing the way we work, and reshaping how our businesses operate on a…

Contingent Workforce Management Programs: Do They Mitigate Risk?

Contingent workforce management programs: these are potentially your greatest risk-management asset if you have contingent labour in your business. Last…

Contingent Workforce Risks: The Top 6 [4 MIN READ]

Contingent workforce risks: The meteoric rise in usage of contingent workers, brings with it a number of organisational risks. And…

Be prepared for the Future of Work – 4 Guiding Principles For Contractors

“Status quo, you know, is Latin for, ‘The mess we’re in.” — Ronald Reagan Whether you’re a career contractor, or…

3 Factors to Improve and Measure Contingent Workforce Quality

Contingent workforce quality: it’s one of the major factors driving leadership teams, business owners, hiring managers and HRDs in today’s…

Top 6 Talent Sourcing Secrets [PART 2 OF 2]

Last week, we uncovered the first three of our ‘Top 6 Talent Sourcing Secrets’, where we looked at… The fact…

Top 6 Talent Sourcing Secrets…[PART 1 OF 2]

Talent sourcing in 2019 has evolved into a completely different exercise, and is commonly viewed as both a challenge and…

Can I Answer My CEOs Questions About Our Contingent Workers?

If you’re suddenly tasked with answering your CEOs questions of the value of your contingent workers, do you have the answers? No? Then read on.

3 Benefits of Contingent Labour for Your Business

Don’t be confused: the rise of the contingent labour offers a multitude of benefits for your business. In this post we lay out the top three…

Total Talent Management: 3 Guiding Principles of HR Tech (Part 3 of 3)

In this final instalment of our three-part series on the best ways to win at Total Talent Management, we’re taking a look at the impact of HR tech and the factors you need to consider, to facilitate and reap greatest results from its adoption.

How to Win at Total Workforce Management (Part 2 of 3)

We’re seeing more and more evidence of the opportunities and competitive advantages afforded to organisations who take on a strategic, holistic total talent solution in their business.

Labour Hire: What the Federal Election Means For Your Business

Despite a victory in the 2019 federal election, most Australians see the Coalition win as a surprise. Our reelected Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, called it a ‘miracle’.

Contingent Worker Attraction: do you even think about it?

Contingent worker attraction: it’s not something that’s been top of mind for you lately. Right? Yet it’s a crucial play if you’re utilising contingent workers in your business, or if you plan to.

The #EWS Series

Last week, we hosted the inaugural Emerging Workforce Summit in Sydney: a one-day intensive showcase and analysis of all things related to the future of work.

How to Win at Total Workforce Management (Part 1 of 3)

In this three-part series, How to Win with Total Workforce Management, we’re taking a look at the trending shifts in talent engagement and management, and how your organisation can work towards a proactive, agile and highly tuned ‘total workforce’

Non-Employee Labour: Maximising Return on Investment

Most ‘Future of Work’ experts speak about the expected continued growth in the numbers of non-employee labour – both from a worker and a business standpoint.

Mind The Gap! The Technology Bridge To The Future Of Work

Technology’s presence is ubiquitous in today’s workplace. But what about the future of work? How can technology bridge the gap between now & then?

The Emerging Workforce

The Emerging Workforce: unprecedented changes to the way we work continue unabated. The reasons will be discussed at the Emerging Workforce Summit.

How To Win At The Future Of Work…. Right Now!

How to win at the future of work… right now. We’ve seen how seriously major employers in Australia are taking…

Workforce Compliance: Learnings from the Royal Commission

The upshot – and impact – of Kenneth Hayne’s findings from the Royal Commission into the Banking & Financial Services…

Radio Interview: Embrace the Gig Economy or else

CXC Global’s, Peter Oreb discusses how non-employee talent is now a core group of the working population in this radio interview with Howie Lim.

HR Leaders Festival: CXC Global Round Up

A couple of weeks ago, we participated in the Mercer HR Leaders Festival. This inaugural event brought together the industry’s…

Procurement and HR – Getting the balance right

Procurement and HR: it’s a critical relationship for organisations to get right in order to reap the greatest ROI from their non-permanent workforce.

5 Critical Steps for Managing Non-Permanent Workers

Here are five critical steps your business can take to achieve optimum ROI from your investment in non-permanent workers.

Skills Gap: Are you ready for the Future of Work? (4 minute read)

Most organisations aren’t aware of an imminent skills gap in Australia and the looming poorly-managed contingent workforce crisis. Find out more.

[MODERN WORKFORCE NEWS] Non-Permanent Workers

Non-permanent workers are taking up much time and space in the media and business today. And with good reason –…

The Future Workplace [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Future Workplace: The Future Of Work The prevalence of this topic – the Future Workplace – in today’s business…

SIA Contingent Workforce Summit: North America [ROUND-UP]

Round-up of intel from the recent SIA contingent workforce summit in the US. Hosted by SIA, it’s the industry’s leading event… and CXC Global were there!

Automation & The Future Of Work: How Can You Prepare? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The future of work is almost upon us. Are you prepared? Here we cover recent McKinsey research on the future of work and the impact of automation.

HR Leaders Festival 2018

CXC Global will speak at the Mercer HR Leaders Festival. Total talent strategy and contingent workforce readiness are on the agenda. Register now!

The Future Of Work: Transforming Your Approach To Talent (Part 4)

In part 4 of the Future of Work we look at the approach to talent engagement. More importantly, find out why the future of work is already here.

Banking Royal Commission: Impact on Organisations and their Non-Employee Workers

Banking Royal Commission: the findings will put organisations in the sector on high-alert in respect to the management of their non-employee workers.

[PART 3] Rapid Technological Advances in the New World of Work

Part 3 – Rapid Technological Advances in the New World of Work Earlier in this series, we defined the future…

Influencer Insights: Risks of Taking On Contingent Workers

In this video our Director of Risk and Compliance, Chris Thuell, talks about risk management and contingent workers in the new world of work.

[PART 2] Getting Strategic in the New World of Work

How can you be strategic in the new world of work? With support for remote workers and engagement of contingent workers. Read on to find out more.

[PART 1] The Changing World of Work

The changing world of work: one of the most frequently asked questions put to us here at CXC Global is…

Key Workforce Trends for Australia in 2018

Around the world, the way we recruit, manage and engage workers is changing, and Australia is no exception. With huge…

Online Talent Marketplaces: A Sourcing Solution for Big business

Online Talent Marketplaces are unique enterprise solutions that provide reliable, cost-effective, data-driven sourcing platforms for big business.

[PART 4] No More Hidden Contingent Workers: EVER!

The final post in the 4-part series looks at strategies to ensure businesses keep all contingent workers visible. This is important. Find out why.

[MODERN WORKFORCE NEWS]: Latest from the Labour Market

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a new content series here at the CXC Global blog, where we’ll be…

Uber & Out: Sham Contracting and Supply Chain Risk

The Contingent Workforce Conference will be held in Sydney in September. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn what’s new in contingent working.

Hidden Contingent Workers Part Three: Solutions for a Hidden Contingent Workforce

Read the third of our four-part series to find out what solutions you can adopt to rectify and prevent the situation of hidden contingent workers.

The Rise of the Contingent Workforce and the Impact on the Future of Work

Today’s workplace is constantly changing. Attend the upcoming Contingent Workforce Conference and learn what’s new in contingent working.

The Rising Importance of Total Talent Management

Total Talent Management is a strategic workforce management solution that helps to reap the best results from all workers, contract and permanent.

Hidden Contingent Workers Part Two: Uncovering Hidden Contingent Workers

In part two of our four-part series, we discuss hidden contingent workers in your business and look at ways these workers are uncovered. Read on!

Hidden Contingent Workers Part One: A Price to Pay for Your Business

The first post in a 4-part series looking at the hidden contingent workforce. Why these workers go unnoticed and what price will your business pay?

Contingent Labour: 4 Steps to Compliance in Today’s Regulatory Environment

The Contingent Workforce Conference will be held in Sydney in September. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest in contingent working.

Single Touch Payroll: Are You Prepared?

On July 1 2018, Single Touch Payroll becomes a mandatory reporting requirement to the ATO for businesses with 20 or more staff. Are you compliant?

VICTORIA: Labour Hire Licensing Bill Passes

The Labour Hire Licensing bill has passed into law in Victoria, following a similar bill in Queensland recently. Find out what this means for you.

Contingent Working: Changing Attitudes of Workers…

Analysis of recent Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work shows a broader view on the reasons for a rise in contingent working in Australia.

Contractor Newsletter | June 2018

Our Contractor Newsletter holds the latest news on contract working, specifically for Australian contract workers. Don’t miss vital EOFY updates!

Event Wrap-Up: Labour Hire Licensing

On a recent event in Brisbane, we covered a number of legislative points for workforce providers. Learn key insights from the day within this post.

Labour Hire Licensing Queensland: Latest Update….

Read the latest news from the Queensland Government about new Labour Hire Licensing Laws including uptake numbers and warnings for scam operators.

From the horse’s mouth: Job Seekers prefer #DirectRecruitment

With increasing numbers adopting contract-style careers, candidates rely less on recruitment firms. Find out how job seekers prefer to do things.

The 2018 Federal Budget: How will it affect workers?

The Federal Budget is predicted to have a significant impact on Australia’s workforce. Here we look at what the budget results mean for workers.

Event Wrap-Up: Gig Workers, Direct Sourcing, Marketplaces & Policy Change

We recently covered the major issues in today’s changing workforce during an event with PwC. Take a look at the insights we gained from the event.

Contractor Newsletter | April 2018

April 2018 Contractor Newsletter holds the latest on contract working, specifically for Australian contract workers. Don’t miss vital EOFY updates!

Rise of the Contingent Workforce and the Impact of the Future of Work

A recent event brought PwC and CXC Global together to discuss the future of work. Find out the outcome. Hint: the future of work is already here.

Contingent Workforce: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Melbourne, Australia

The future of work is upon us. Find out what this means for you at The Rise of Contingent Workforce event in Melbourne, March 2018. Register here.

Gig Workers – Direct Sourcing Marketplaces – Sydney, Australia

Join CXC Global and PwC in a roundtable discussion on the changes to the construct of the workforce. We have lots to cover! Sydney, April 2018.

10 Workplace Trend Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2018

Significant changes are predicted for the workforce in 2018. Are you prepared? Apply these 10 trends and be a forward-thinking organisation.

Contractor Newsletter | February 2018

Our Contractor Newsletter is out for February 2018. Read the latest news on contract working and find out what’s been high on the radar this month.


LinkedIn has compiled the most sought-after skills by employers. If you have any experience in what they’re looking for, update your profile now!

AHRI National Convention & Exhibition – 28-30 August 2018 – Melbourne

The AHRI National Convention and exhibition is happening in August. Find out why AHRI sets the standard for professional development in HR.

HR Tech Summit – 19 September 2018 – Sydney

Tech advancements are creating opportunities in many industries. Discuss the changes with like-minded HR professionals at the HR Tech Summit.

HR Innovation & Tech Fest- November 2018 – Sydney

HR Innovation and Tech Fest is the biggest and fastest growing HR event in Australia. Follow the link in this post to reserve your tickets.

Contractor Newsletter | December 2017

Our Contractor Newsletter is out for December 2017. Learn the latest news on contract working as well as key dates for the holiday season.

HR’s Role in Our Future Workforce…

The role of HR in today’s workforce is more important than ever as we increasingly shift to contingent labour. What’s next for HR? Find out here.

Media Brief – September/October 2017

The latest news on the economy, jobs, contingent working and HR tech. The July 2017 CXC Global Media brief is now available for download.

Breakfast with Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman, Sydney – 6 Dec 2017

The Contingent Workforce Conference will be held in Sydney in September 2017. A key opportunity to learn the latest news in contingent working.

Inside Scoop: Know Your Contingent Workforce

Find out what workforce trends to expect in 2018 and how they will affect the contingent workforce and organisations engaging non-permanent workers

Contractor Newsletter | October 2017

October 31 is around the corner which means it’s time to prepare your 2017 tax return. Maximise your return with the help of CXC Financial Partners.

Technology, Disruption and Australia’s Contingent Workforce

What’s in store for the future of the Australian workforce? Gain insights into what the experts had to say at the CWF2017.

Integrating Contingent Workers into Workforce Planning

Gain insights from the ATC’s Contingent Workforce conference and learn how to integrate your contingent workforce into workforce planning.

HR Tech: What You Need To Know NOW! – PART THREE

The final of our 3-part series about HR tech trends and industry disruptions looks at why it’s a good time to be in the HR industry. Find out more.

HR Tech: What You Need To Know NOW! – PART TWO

In part two of the HR tech series, you’ll learn who is disrupting the industry. We also discuss game-changing technologies and significant trends.

HR Tech: What You Need To Know NOW! – PART ONE

Here is the first instalment of our three-part HR Tech series. Learn what trends are emerging and find out the impact of tech on HR.

Building a Successful Contingent Workforce

On 23 August 2017 we participated in an ATC Event webinar. Download the webinar eBook for a detailed summary of this event.

Media Brief – August 2017

The latest news on the economy, jobs, contingent working and HR tech. The July 2017 CXC Global Media brief is now available for download.

Wage Growth Australia – Australia’s Wage Growth Problem: What’s Going On?

With only a 0.5% growth for the June quarter, wage growth remains lacklustre in Australia and far below government estimations. Find out more here.

Fair Work Commission Conversion Ruling: is it REALLY a Better Deal for Casual Workers?

The Fair Work Commission has ruled to provide casual workers with the opportunity for permanent work status. What’s the likely impact?

Webinar: Contingent Workforce Management: Expert Panel Q&A

The Contingent Workforce Conference will be held in Sydney in September 2017. A key opportunity to learn the latest news in contingent working.

Contractor Newsletter | August 2017

Our contractor newsletter is out for August 2017. With another financial year over, you don’t want to miss the latest in contingent working.

Media Brief – July 2017

Find out the latest news on the economy, jobs, contingent working and HR tech. Download the July 2017 CXC Global Media brief here.

Contingent Workforce Conference 2017: In Review

The Contingent Workforce Conference will be held in Sydney in September 2017. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest in contingent working.

457 VISA REFORM…deterring foreign skilled workers?

The Federal Government has announced reforms to the 457 visa program, affecting temporary skilled workers. Find out what the reform entails.

How to spot the RIGHT Contingent Workforce Management provider, for your business

Looking for a contingent workforce management provider for your business? Find out what to look out for and why CXC Global ticks all the boxes.

EFFICIENCY: The Four Pillars of Best Practice Contingent Workforce Management

We have built the ideal roadmap for managing contingent workers with the Four Pillars of best practice. Learn about the first pillar: Efficiency.

RISK MITIGATION: The Four Pillars of Best Practice Contingent Workforce Management

We have built the ideal roadmap for managing contingent workers with the Four Pillars of best practice. Here we look at risk mitigation.

QUALITY: The Four Pillars of Best Practice Contingent Workforce Management

We have built the ideal roadmap for managing contingent workers with the Four Pillars of best practice. Learn about the fourth pillar: quality.

Media Brief – June 2017

Listen to the latest news on the economy, jobs, contingent working and HR tech. The June 2017 CXC Global Media brief is now available for download.

Free Contractor Payroll: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is…

If you hear about payroll contractors being free of charge, it’ll be too good to be true. Find out what to look out for in a payroll contractor.

ATC 2017 Annual Conference: DAY 1

We recap day one of the ATC 2017 Annual Conference. Here’s what we learned about Total Talent Management, which was a hot topic on the day.

Contractor Newsletter | June 2017

Our contractor newsletter is here with vital EOFY updates! Read the latest news on contract working, specifically for Australian contract workers.

The quick guide on saving on international money transfer

Making international money transfers can be costly. Here are a few simple tips and tricks that will help you save when sending money abroad.

Don’t outsource your Contingent Workforce Management without reading this first…

Deciding who to partner with for your Contingent Workforce Management is a daunting task. This infographic will help you make the right call.

How will the Federal Government’s Budget affect Contingent Workers? (and those that engage them)

After reading Scott Morrison’s budget, we’ve picked the elements that we think could impact both employers and contractors. Read them here.

Media Brief – April/May 2017

Our monthly media brief provides a summary of the latest news on the economy, contingent working and HR tech. Download the June 2017 issue here.

Labour Hire Operators to be Licensed: Victoria

New government legislation seeks to protect workers from rogue operators. Find out about the new licensing requirements for labour hire firms.

Is your ‘Total Talent’ Strategy, Contingent-Workforce Ready?

We recently held briefings with Australia’s HR and procurement leaders to discuss the rise of contingent workers. Find out what issues were raised.

New Guidelines for Contracting Labour (Fair Work Ombudsman)

The Fair Work Ombudsman recently released new guidelines for contracting labour in Australia. This will impact workers of all kinds. Find out why.


There are several critical factors that go with managing the outsourced payroll of Australia’s companies. In this post, we look at what these are.

The Hidden Costs of Your Contingent Workforce

There are many hidden costs in taking on contingent workers that you may not be aware of if managing them internally. Find out what they are.

Is your Total Talent Strategy Contingent Workforce Ready?

We recently held a breakfast event to discuss risk and management strategies for contingent workers. Download a summary of our discussions here.

Contractor Newsletter | April 2017

  MyCXC Upgrades Coming soon! In our February newsletter we told you about the impending upgrade launch of our online…

How are Contingent Workers affecting the Finance Industry?

More and more industries are seeing the benefits of having contingent workers. And the finance industry is getting in on it too. Find out how.

Money, money, money: Highest Paying Industries Australia

Australia’s highest paying salaries have been revealed on Seek. It’s good news for independent contractors. Here are the top 5 paying industries.

How Many Contractors Are In Your Business?

If you can’t answer that question, your business is at risk! There’s a genuine fine line regarding how contractors should…

Top 10 Marketing Tips from Successful Contractors

Here we look at 10 expert marketing tips for smart ways to get your personal brand out there become a successful contractor.

Media Brief – February 2017

Take a look at the latest economic news, job data and insights about contingent working in this month’s CXC Global media brief. Read more here:

Contingent Workforce Management: The Predictions 2016 v’s 2017

Every New Year we make predictions for the contingent workforce management industry. Here we look ahead at what to expect in the next 12 months.

Contractor Newsletter | February 2017

Check out the latest contractor newsletter where we bust myths about contracting and predict changes in engaging talent in Australia’s workforce.

Insource or Outsource Your Recruitment Function: How About Asking a Different Question

To insource or outsource your recruitment function is an ongoing debate. Find out how we benefit from looking at recruitment strategies as a whole.

2017: Predictions for Talent Acquisition

The 2017 predictions for talent acquisition are in! Each prediction is based on insights from recruitment professionals across the globe.

Using your Workforce Data for Good: 4 Steps Toward Better Insights

Many organisations simply have no idea what the makeup of their workforce actually is. Amazing, right? They don’t have the…

Contractors: We Call Bull! Myth Busting For A Better Workforce (Part 2)

Engaging contractors into your business: it’s perceived to be a tricky option. Here, we looked at the myths of contract working from…

Workforce Trends Australia – CXC Australia

Australia’s workforce looks a whole lot different today than it did five years ago. The rise of the contingent workforce…

We Call Bull! Busting 5 Myths About Contract Work

Contract work is a fast-growing, flexible, and demanding employment arrangement. However much it grows though, contract workers and freelancers still…

Company Culture: The Hidden Gem for Engaging Your Contingent Workers – Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 part blog series Click here for Part 1 and  Part 2 In this final of our 3-part…

PRODUCTIVITY… A Contractor’s Advantage

Freelance Management System & Workforce Solutions specialists, Work Market, recently released their 2016 Workforce Productivity Report. The online survey polled…

How a Trump Administration will Impact Contingent Workers

There’s been plenty of speculation over the past few days, about how a Trump administration will impact the gig economy…

Company Culture: The Hidden Gem for Engaging Your Contingent Workers – Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 part blog series Click here for Part 1 As you know, we’ve been doing the…

Adapting to a New World of Work

You’ve heard the stats on the growing global contingent workforce…according to supply management experts, Ardent Partners, 38% of the worlds…

Key Insights For a ‘Total Talent’ Approach (where Contingent Workers Aren’t An Afterthought!)

How are you managing your contingent workers? Think about this: …from the point of realising you need them, to the…

Company Culture: The Hidden Gem for Engaging Your Contingent Workers – Part 1

Part 1 of a 3 part blog series We’ve been doing the rounds with our clients and networks, taking a…

Slay your contracting fears

Want to try your hand at contracting? Heard all about the perks of joining the contingent workforce? BUT plagued by…

Skills in Demand in Australia – Hottest Skills in Australia for 2016

LinkedIn has unveiled their annual list of the skills employers need most in candidates across 14 countries. Here are the…

The Evolving Role of MSP

MSPs have evolved beyond the traditional role of transactional service providers. Today’s MSP is increasingly transformational: data-driven decision making is  now possible…

Six must have apps for independent contractors

Being an independent contractor requires self-motivation, focus, top notch time management and organisational skills. But let’s face it, we all…

Let’s be honest….how well-managed is your contingent workforce… REALLY?

Written by Peter Oreb, CXC Global, CEO Originally published in ATC Hub News To answer that question, you need to…

Why Your Contingent Workforce Program Sucks! (and how you can change that)

Written by Peter Oreb, CXC Global, CEO Originally published in ATC Hub News It’s well-known in today’s continually changing workplace,…

Maverick Spend in the Future of Work: Top Gun’s Lesson

MAVERICK SPEND. A term that is as synonymous with irresponsible procurement practices as it is with managing your last-minute spend…

Misclassification – a growing risk

It’s not hard to spot a contingent worker if you’re looking for one—the new developer in your employer’s IT department working…

Contractor Newsletter | August 2016

2015/2016 – Another financial year done Another financial year down and it’s now time to wrap it up. Mid-last month…

Combining the strengths of Vendor Management Systems and Managed Service Providers

When it comes to supply chain staffing, risk management is always a hot topic, especially when contingent staff are part…

How Contractors Can Be More Successful In The Age Of The Gig-Economy

The gig economy runs on both pre-determined, precise rules and crowd-sourced feedback. It’s the accepted way to engage ‘gig’ workers… And…

Clinton V’s Trump – on the future of the gig economy

With the challenges of employment in the spotlight of both US Presidential campaigns, it’s no surprise that the Gig Economy…

Monthly FX Focus – August 2016

FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK AUD/USD – extended its previous month’s gains in July, gaining another +2.1% for the month overall. The increase in…

How to get the best exchange rates & avoid excessive fees

Whether emigrating, sending savings back home or purchasing goods from overseas, you can make very significant savings on your transfers…

Four reasons why merging contingent & permanent recruitment makes good business sense

Australian employers are increasingly accessing the value of streamlined recruitment processes, where the hiring of both permanent and contingent workers…

‘Contract Workforces. Global Trend. Local Impact’ Whitepaper – Part 1 of 3

Our latest whitepaper, Contract Workforces. GLOBAL TRENDS. LOCAL IMPACT is the first of a three part series bringing together a collation…

Outsource to get superior help, not just cost cuts

The current business atmosphere is contentious and uncertain. With an increasing realisation of the benefits of outsourcing, many Australian organisations are seeking…

How are contingent workers measuring up?

A recent survey, partly commissioned by Time magazine, looked at how companies are coping with new workforce trends such as…

Ahead of the Game: Gig-Economy Lessons from Pokémon

Pokémon, like most crazes, has come along like a hurricane and changed mobile apps into forces of nature. In a constantly-changing…

How to benefit your employees by hiring contractors

The modern corporate world has seen a surge in the number of independent contractors and freelancers, and that increase is…

Monthly FX Focus – July 2016

FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK AUD/USD  AUD/USD trading +2.4% higher in June. The increase in the rate was in part due to a…

Monthly FX Focus – June 2016

FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK NZD/USD decline of almost 3% in May was in part due to improving U.S. economic numbers, expectations of a…

The Risks of Getting Contractor Management Wrong


How top performers are utilising contingent talent

Today, contingent workers make up a significant portion of the global workforce. In the US, contingent workers – such as…

10 ‘Must-Dos’ of Independent Contracting

Being an independent contractor can be quite complicated at times. The additional responsibilities of managing cash-flow, taxes and of course…

The 4 Pillars of a Best Practice Contractor Workforce Program

It’s true. Engaging a contingent workforce comes with a host of advantages: flexibility, access to specialist skills, a boost to…

Contingent Workers – Who is responsible HR or Procurement?

Colum McGrath My role involves working with organisations to provide simple solutions to complex challenges in contingent workforce engagement and…

Contractor Newsletter | June 2016

EOFY Payment Summaries – the option’s yours The end of the 2015/2016 Financial Year is closing in. And, as usual…

Defining Contingent Workers

How is an agreement between an Independent Contractor different to a Statement of Work? Do you know what being a…

Six EOFY super contribution tips from our experts

Here are six SUPER contribution tips you need to get your head around, before the 2015/16 financial year end, from…

The freelance invasion of LinkedIn

Here’s a quick look at some interesting statistics, an internal report by LinkedIn found, about the growing population of freelance talent…

Monthly FX Focus – May 2016

FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK NZD/USD gained its third consecutive month in April, increasing +0.9% for the month overall. The increase in the…

It pays to be a contractor

When weighing up the pros and cons of contracting versus full-time employment, the theme song to Donald Trump’s The Apprentice,…

5 Things to Consider When Sending Money Back Home

Provided by OFX– Foreign Exchange Services (Formerly OzForex).  For more information or simply register here to get started

‘The Worldwide Workforce’ Whitepaper – Part 2 of 3

In this second-of-three-part whitepaper series, we’ve analysed the emerging trends taking place in today’s modern and increasingly global workforce. We’ve…

Freelancing & Freedom – Doing it for the kids

There is an old saying ‘business and family don’t mix’. But it seems like that timeworn proverb is no longer…

Four key tips to working with Contingent Talent

You’re hiring contractors but not sure how to integrate them into your workforce…Don’t worry….you’re not alone. Here are some tips…

‘The Worldwide Workforce’ Whitepaper – Part 1 of 3

Are you ready for the new world of work? Contingent – or contract – workers now constitute a much larger…

Six Trends Shaping the Contingent Workforce

  #1. TECHNOLOGY – the driving force Improvements in technology have translated to speedier sourcing and on-boarding programs for contingent…

How to get on top of the open talent economy

The ‘open talent’ economy fosters many opportunities for organisations and their workforce. But how do you best identify these opportunities…

Federal Budget 2016: The Round-Up

Overall, we see it as a steady budget, with a focus creating jobs through infrastructure projects, assistance for companies who…

Uber and the Class Action Era

Uber in the US recently won a class action brought against it whereby Uber drivers (in California and Massachusetts) claimed…

Contingent Workforce Models. Which one is best fit for your organisation?

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) is the way a company organises its need for and use of contingent workers. There are…

Uber Drivers to Remain as Independent Contractors: US

  Failed class-action by Uber Drivers in the US Uber, arguably the biggest gig-economy business of recent years (if not…

Five traits your business needs to master to survive the open workforce

Around the globe companies are adopting an ‘open workforce’ model, where a traditional employee workforce is merging with contractors, freelancers…

Are Your Contractors Actually Employees?

Are your contractors actually employees? Here are eight tips to help you find out…   Keeping up with Australia’s employment,…

The Gig Economy: much more than just Uber

The ‘gig economy’ is one of the more popular catchphrases for anyone discussing the labour market in recent years. But…

The BOOMING Workforce

If you’ve spent an afternoon watching Free to Air TV you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from when I say…

What’s in store for contingent workforce management in 2016 – Infographic

The strategic approach an organisation takes to manage it’s contingent workforce needs to incorporate more than just ways to reduce…

A new approach to climbing the corporate ladder

Think back 5 years ago. What was your idea of climbing the corporate ladder? I highly doubt the notion of…

Freelancer Australia – Infographic about Freelancing In Australia

Independent contractors, on-demand or contingent workers, freelancers; whatever you label these workers, there is no denying that this workforce is…

Monthly FX Focus – April 2016

FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK NZD/USD continued its second consecutive gains through March. The sharp increase in the rate was in part due…

Segmentation of the on-demand workforce

A report published early this year by Intuit Inc, found that on-demand workers can be segmented into five groups based…

Contractor Newsletter | April 2016

INFORMATION EVENING “You don’t know what you don’t know” Learn what the best are doing from those that taught them…

Tomorrow’s digitally enabled workforce

This report from CSIRO examines plausible futures for jobs and employment markets in Australia over the coming twenty years. THE…

The Changing Face of Work

The changing face of work: it’s a concept we’re living every single day here at CXC Global. And I say…

Contractor Newsletter | February 2016

Easter closures – just around the corner It seems strange talking about Easter when it feels like we are all…

Bye-bye OzForex… Say hello to OFX!

A message from our foreign exchange partner: We’re still bringing you the same money transfer services. The only difference is…

Lessons Learnt From Freelancing

In 2016, more and more people will be branching out into freelancing. This is a big step, one that may…

The Power and Flexibility of the New Workforce

Temporary employment, the ‘Gig Economy’, contract employment or working as an independent contractor are all different names for what is…

Getting ready for the gig economy

Around the globe, freelancing is becoming more prevalent with each passing year. This work style offers individuals great professional opportunities, as…

Hiring Trends – 12 Hiring Trends for 2016

Recently, Hays compiled a set of the most important talent trends in Australia for 2016, which included advice from recruitment…

The Freelance Economy: changing the Aussie workforce

In today’s economy, a significant number of workers are foregoing the corporate grind and opting for freelance work instead. Whether…

FedEx Appeals

To be deemed an Independent contractor, workers need to meet a certain set of criteria that differentiates them from being…

CXC Global sponsors face-to-face networking with Red Chair Networking!

CXC Global along with Red Chair Networking are happy to offer free networking events to our contractors for a limited…

They surveyed 2500 people and found the 4 top benefits of property ownership…..the survey says…

If you are actively saving for a home, or already own a home or are building an investment portfolio, you…

Media Brief – October 2015

Media Brief – October 2015 from CXC Global A/NZ

9 Challenges Only Freelancers Understand

Today, we have an humorous but VERY TRUE article published recently by TIME about just 9 of the challenges you clever freelancers…

Viva la coffice revolution!

We’ve seen them around the city, sitting in cafes for hours on end, typing away on their laptops (Macbooks, more…

TREND ALERT: The Freelance Collective

Freelancing or ‘gig based employment’ is on the rise in Australia to the point of having a transformational impact on…

Five Things to Get Right with Foreign Transfers

More and more Australians are looking for a taste of the good life overseas as they head out into the…

Media Brief – August 2015

Media Brief – August 2015 from CXC Global A/NZ

Independent Contractor ……to be, or not to be

To be or not to be is the opening phrase in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.  In the speech, Prince Hamlet uses…

9 Challenges Only Freelancers Understand – TIME

Today, we have an humorous but VERY TRUE article published recently by TIME about just 9 of the challenges you clever freelancers…

OZFOREX Launches Multi-Currency, Global Mobile Payment App

Richard Kimber (CEO OzForex Group) The payments process has matured from one conducted almost exclusively in a bricks-and-mortar environment to…

Viva la coffice revolution!

We’ve seen them around the city, sitting in cafes for hours on end, typing away on their laptops (Macbooks, more…

TREND ALERT: The Freelance Collective

Freelancing or ‘gig based employment’ is on the rise in Australia to the point of having a transformational impact on…

Media Brief – July 2015

Media Brief – July 2015 from CXC Global A/NZ

Media Brief – June 2015

Media Brief – June 2015 from CXC Global A/NZ

LinkedIn for Contractors: Getting Better Bang for Buck

As a contract worker, the benefits & opportunities of using LinkedIn as a career building and networking tool are massive….

AUD/USD Outlook – June 2015

AUD/USD FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK AUD/USD declined in May giving back most of its gains made in April. The rate fell by…

AUD/EUR Outlook – June 2015

AUD/EUR FUNDAMENTAL OUTLOOK AUD/EUR extended its previous month’s losses in May, declining – 1.1% for the month overall. The decline…

OzForex FX monthly commentary – June 2015

For those of you interested in the FX market we have the FX fundamental and technical outlook from OzForex for…

Media Brief – May 2015

Media Brief – May 2015 from CXC Global A/NZ

Are You Fueling Your Freelancer Mind?

Independent professionals are now in the front seat when it comes to possessing the skills and knowledge that is relevant…

The Next Generation – Is The Contingent Workforce The New Perm?

Part One The popularity of contracting has increased substantially in recent years and for good reason – namely working flexibility,…