Increasing efficiency of contractor management through technology and process

Case Study
  • region: Australasia
  • industry: Energy & ResourcesIndustrial

CXC has partnered with this large energy client to manage their 120-strong contingent workforce. Once the client sources the contractor through their own network or through a supplier, CXC initiates the onboarding process, including a robust compliance check and contractual offer. This ensures a streamlined approach to workforce management regardless of talent source, as well as clear accountability for all stages of a contractor’s engagement through a single provider, aligned to their HR strategy.

The Situation

During implementation of our model, the client worked with CXC to implement a vendor management system (VMS) that assists with the sourcing, engaging and tracking of all contractors.

Although CXC’s model provided them with risk mitigation and cost savings, the client was experiencing significant process inefficiencies related to the system. Due to the way the VMS was set up, updating contractor data, such as cost centres or rates, was far too onerous.  It was clear that they needed a system that provided agility, automation and improved overall experience for contractors and hiring managers.

CXC's Solution

The client and CXC undertook initial scoping workshops to identify and develop a solution that provided speed and efficiency for all parties.

In collaboration, we implemented a contingent worker process that incorporated:

  • Removal of existing VMS and replacement with Oracle’s JD Edwards software.
  • SuccessFactors as an applicant tracking system to push roles to agencies.
  • CXC’s online request for services form, ensuring contractors receive IT assets and reception is notified.
  • Simple change request form for any organisational or manager alterations.
  • Centralised reporting, including agency margins, gender, spend and health and safety statistics.
  • Redesign of the invoicing report, customised to the client’s requirements.
  • Extension journeys customised, with streamlined approval processes.

The process of transitioning out the client’s VMS and implementing further automation and process improvements, was completed over a period of three months.

The Results

The primary benefit of the new model is substantial time savings for leadership, hiring managers and contractors. The client has been able to redeploy a full-time equivalent employee who managed the system to another area of the business.

“Saving an entire person’s time is a massive benefit to us and a massive bonus for the model.” – Recruitment Manager

Additionally, because of the new request for services form, they have been able to efficiently provide contractors with access to IT equipment and building passes through automatic notifications. Through intelligent journeys, contractor access is switched off at the end of their contract, preventing data security risks.

They client is planning on scaling up their operations in the new year, and with a new system and innovative processes, they are in the best position to do so.

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