Contingent Worker Offboarding Services Australia & New Zealand

Our compliant offboarding process mitigates risk and protects your business

Is your offboarding process leaving you open to risk and missed opportunities?

Many organisations have comprehensive HR processes for their permanent workers around end date management. Few, however, extend the same level of commitment to their contingent workforce.

Organisations with an unmanaged end date process are often subject to routine breaches in security standards. Here’s just some evidence of breaches:

  • 1 in 5 contingent workers used cloud apps like Dropbox or Google Docs to upload proprietary information without the knowledge of the IT department.
  • Less than half of the contingent workers were informed of any application or data restrictions during their onboarding.
  • 72% stated they were provided with admin privileges in the organisation’s IT system.
  • 66% said they had access to corporate data within cloud apps AFTER they had completed their time in the organisation.
  • Only 28% of workers said the organisation monitored their use of cloud apps for mission critical documents.

CXC’s solution provides an end-to-end HR process (normally mirrored to the client’s HR policies and procedures) supported by our custom built technology, MyExchange, built on a Salesforce platform. We can coordinate the return of client assets (e.g. ID cards and laptops) and ensure IT systems access is disabled.

The offboarding process ensures all contingent workers are proactively managed to mitigate any risk to the client, which includes taking responsibility for performance management and disengagement where required.

Our offboarding process provides a positive experience for the contractor and the client, while optimising re-engagement opportunities for known talent. To provide clients with visibility of contractor performance, we conduct feedback surveys throughout a contractor’s assignment, allowing the talent team to redeploy them for current opportunities.

In supporting a talent first approach and enabling your organisations ability to direct source, our role is to partner with the business to identify, extend and redeploy proven contingent talent.

How we can help

  • Automatic notifications to the client to understand whether they intend to extend or redeploy proven talent.
  • Managing all tasks associated with offboarding, including notification to the contractor, following up on outstanding timesheets and conducting an exit interview.
  • Offering a simple rating system for hiring managers, which can be provided to the HR talent team for talent pooling or other assignment opportunities.
  • Organising the return of assets, restricting building and system access and closing purchase orders to prevent data security risks.
  • Where the assignment ends early without cause, compliantly managing this process through offboarding calls and an updated end date, followed up in writing.
Case study

Performing contingent workers whose assignment naturally finishes often are let go by an organisation without being put into a talent pool or networked around their organisation for current opportunities.

For one large energy client, we worked with them to transition from a largely supplier-sourced model to one focusing on direct sourcing. We also worked with them to maximise opportunities for direct sourcing.

CXC assisted the client harness ‘known’ talent in the following ways:

  • Contractors completing assignment – CXC’s team manage a rolling talent pool where new requirements are cross referenced against suitable contractors in the talent pool.
  • Performance surveys – We offered a simple rating system for hiring managers, which was provided to the HR talent team for talent pooling or other assignment opportunities.
  • CXC Workforce Exchange – CXC review suitable contractors who have completed engagements of a similar nature at other enterprise clients.
  • Referrals – These are solicited from the Hiring Manager as the primary who will introduce the candidate into the process for CXC to manage.
  • ‘Silver medal’ candidates – Workers who have previously interviewed for positions but were not selected, who would be incorporated into our talent pool.

“CXC assists with the implementation of performance management plans, as well as the disengagement of contractors, via phone and face-to-face means. I would not hesitate to recommend CXC as a Contracting Agency in future.”

Specialised Credit Operations Manager, Large Australian energy organisation