Contractor Onboarding Services Australia & New Zealand

CXC onboards contingent workers compliantly and effectively, giving them a positive contract commencement experience in your business

How consistent, compliant and engaging is your onboarding process for contingent workers?

Onboarding is the first experience your contractors will have with your company, brand and values.

If multiple suppliers manage your contractors, it’s likely they’ll receive an inconsistent onboarding process, leading to dissatisfaction, confusion over company policies and poor performance.

Providing contractors with a great onboarding experience will give your business:

One of the major advantages of whole-of-workforce management model under one provider is a consistent experience, of both services and benefits, across the entire contractor population.

CXC has designed our contingent worker onboarding process to mitigate risk and optimise contractor productivity, while ensuring the worker is familiar with the key aspects of your operation and culture.

The onboarding process is supported by CXC’s proprietary technology systems and backed by a rigorous compliance vetting process to ensure all information is captured, recorded and fully auditable, with complete accuracy.

Recognising that the onboarding experience is critical to supporting new worker productivity, CXC delivers engaging new hire journeys, including personalised communication over mobile, email and video aligned to your HR strategy.

How we can help

  • Our MyExchange system provides a more refined and streamlined onboarding experience both for contractors and hiring managers that takes advantage of workflow and automation capabilities to drive greater efficiency.
  • Our onboarding strikes a balance between automation and human connection. With personalised welcome emails and check in calls, as well as the ability to self serve from any device at any time, our solution allows for a scalable, compliant, efficient process for onboarding numerous contingent workers in a short period of time.
  • We can provide a notification for all relevant business units: for example, reception to ensure passes are issued, IT to ensure laptops are distributed and finance to raise a purchase order.
  • CXC ensures contractors review and all necessary company policies and sign a workplace health and safety declaration.
  • We can conduct background checking and ensure all contractors have a right to work in Australia.
Case study

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, a large health client was experiencing a high volume of calls from members seeking health advice and requiring information about their policies. To deal with this enormous influx of calls they needed to quickly develop a call centre workforce of contingent nurse resources.


CXC has partnered with this health insurer to source, onboard, manage and pay contractors, including physiotherapists, nurses and occupational therapists. We worked with this client to develop a national, 24/7 coronavirus hotline. This included the compliant onboarding of over 1,200 in one week.


Contractors in the health insurance industry require comprehensive documentation – for instance, medical practitioners need accreditation, insurances, and current registration with AHPRA. For the hotline, CXC ensured all nurses met these requirements during the tight onboarding timeline, through our proven processes and dedicated compliance team.

“In my dealings as a coordinator, the majority of our contingent workforce are contracted via CXC. From an onboarding perspective, geographical challenges are overcome with eSign contracts, the induction process has been streamlined and new starters are provided with helpful information from their first day about the business and about CXC’s services.

Despite a high volume of contracts, CXC are able to produce accurate reports on short notice and it’s been great to have our Account Manager regularly on-site answering any queries and ensuring that our needs as a business are being met. Additionally, knowing the high standard of onboarding provided to our contingent workers, gives us peace of mind that their time-to-productivity is minimal”

Stefanie Loro, Onboarding Coordinator, large Australian energy company