Technology, Automation & Implementation

CXC helps you find the necessary technology solutions for managing your contingent workforce

How can you harness technology to meet your sourcing and contingent workforce management objectives?

Technology remains the greatest opportunity to advance an organisations workforce program. While contingent technology was originally used to deliver efficiency, visibility and control, there is now significant opportunity to introduce greater automation, intelligence and insights.

Today, we are seeing many clients driving total talent management across their permanent and contingent workforce. Total talent incorporates Statement of Work (SOW) workers, temps, independent workers and permanent employees.

One of the key inhibitors in the past in driving a total talent management strategy was different systems being used for permanent and contingent workers. We’re seeing clients use the same human resource information system (HRIS), finance and recruitment systems for permanent and contingent, while using CXC’s systems for the gaps they do not fulfill.

CXC is the only Australian-headquartered contingent workforce management provider to have been appointed as a strategic partner to the industry’s leading vendor management system (VMS) providers, SAP Fieldglass and Beeline, due to our capability and experience. We also work with:

Technology, Automation & Implementation

CXC has developed a proprietary contractor management system called MyExchange, which is built on a Salesforce platform. The system manages the entire contractor lifecycle, from verbal offer through to offboarding/extensions. MyExchange is used for:

  • Offer management
  • Onboarding
  • Timesheeting
  • Extending
  • Reporting
  • Supplier payments
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Surveys.

Our system incorporates AI to simplify and streamline administrative processes so contingent workers receive a customised, easy and self-determined experience during their onboarding and ongoing employment.

We employ the largest local technology and implementation team (5 FTE) in Australia that is 100% focused on the contingent workforce. Most providers maintain a limited local team and use offshore resources.

How we can help

  • CXC’s technology and professional services team can advise, implement and optimise technology solutions for contingent workforce programs.
  • By underpinning their solution with CXC’s model and system, our clients are able to achieve the goal of full contingent workforce data and transparency, while also having common systems for HR and approvals for their entire workforce.
  • Our proprietary MyExchange system enables contractors to lodge time and attendance sheets and expense reimbursement claims, review the status of each lodgement, as well as review historical timesheet and expense claim submissions. Hiring managers are able to view current and historical spending; rejected and approved status timesheets and expense claims for all individuals under their management.
  • Information is then automatically linked to our payroll system, enabling us to complete the payroll process based on approved timesheet data.
  • Our system incorporates AI to simplify and streamline administrative processes so contingent workers receive a customised, easy and self-determined experience during their onboarding and ongoing employment.
  • CXC’s MyExchange system can interface with our clients’ systems. CXC has the capability to established API feeds to integrate with multiple HRIS, VMS and Financial systems.
  • A component of MyExchange, is our purpose-built online contractor portal, MyCXC. MyCXC provides a secure place for CXC to engage with contractors, and for those workers to self-serve in the provision of personal, financial, work time and expense information.
  • Integration of CXC’s solutions ensures our clients’ workforce is in full compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.
Case study

CXC partnered with a telecommunications client to customise their end-to-end process (mirrored to their HR policies and procedures), supported by our custom built technology, myExchange. This included compliant onboarding ,offboarding, including asset management and system restrictions, and performance management data.

The talent team completes an online request for services form when they want to hire a contingent worker. This starts an automatic process where our MyExchange system notifies relevant business units. The day before a contingent worker starts, our MyExchange system sends them an SMS congratulating on the role and providing them with key information.

When the contingent worker’s end date approaches, the talent team are automatically notified to assess whether they want to extend the contingent worker or not. Should they extend the contingent worker, the system sends out notifications to the business units (such as reception, IT and finance as referenced above) to ensure their access continues.

Should the client opt for not extending the worker, the system automatically notifies relevant business units to organise the return of assets, restrict building and system access and close purchase orders. Our offboarding process ensures all contingent workers are proactively managed to mitigate all data security risks.

“CXC provided us with a comprehensive contractor management solution that met our business objectives. Combined with their dedicated account manager, CXC provided us with a sophisticated system to streamline the onboarding, management and disengagement process.

Using intelligent journeys and automatic notifications, all UNSW contractors receive welcome emails and SMSs, ensuring they have all the necessary information prior to starting work. The Talent Team and hiring community have complete visibility of contractor end dates, and access a simple online form to extend or disengage a worker.

The automation from their system, combined with the personal interaction from account managers, has dramatically increased the efficiency of our onboarding process, while ensuring our contractors feel valued.

Currently, CXC are supporting us with a system integration solution for our applicant tracking solution, streamlining the process from recruitment to offer.”

Marcus Clark, Head of Talent Acquisition, UNSW