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Find out how businesses that harness the power of direct sourcing gain the ability to develop an agile workforce with Saleem Khaja (Workllama) , Connor Heaney (CXC), Mathew Rodger (AMS) and Steve Carter (The Ability People).

In response to the unprecedented competition for top talent, as many as 71% of leaders plan to shift more roles to the contingent or contract workforce to get work done.

Find out how businesses that harness the power of direct sourcing have the ability to develop an agile workforce — which can be the key differentiator needed to advance and grow in a marketplace that rewards dynamic, talent-led responses to new business challenges:

  • What Is Driving Labour Market Scarcity
  • What Is Direct Sourcing And How Can It Help With Talent Scarcity
  • How To Implement A Direct Sourcing Solution

The Future of Work

Connor Heaney, MD at CXC EMEA is joined by legal experts Lucas Stuurop (Lexence) and Julie Van Kerckhoven (Van Havermaet) to discuss the recent proposed EU directive that aims to improve the working conditions of those working in the platform economy.

Disclaimer – While Lucas and Julie are legal professionals what they discuss on this webinar is their opinion and should not be taken as legal advice.

This webinar is another in our series with our partners at Randstad Sourecright to discuss the labour trends that are driving the recruitment and staffing industry.

Connor Heaney was joined by Thomas Jajeh (Chief Digital Officer)and David Vincent (Managing Director EMEA) from Randstad Sourceright to discuss the future of sourcing, Randstad Talent Trends report, volatility uncertainty and complexity and ambiguity in the labour market, recruitment process outsourcing, automation in recruitment.

On December 15th, we hosted a webinar with our friends and partners at Randstad Sourceright all about hiring in 2022 and beyond. Connor Heaney was joined by David Vincent and Thomas Jajeh to talk about labour shortages, RPO, Direct Sourcing, Global Hiring, Borderless Hiring and Remote working

Direct Sourcing Webinars

Saleem Khaja (WorkLlama) and Christopher Dwyer (Ardent Partners & The Future of Work Exchange) discuss Direct Sourcing 2.0 and whether it can be used to help businesses overcome the war for talent and the great resignation.

Read Christopher’s piece on Direct Sourcing here: https://bit.ly/3LZQysM

In this webinar Connor Heaney (CXC Global), is joined by Roland Rosevear (Freelancer.com) Saleem Khaja (WorkLlama) and Thomas Jajeh (Randstad Sourceright & twago). This hour-long conversation focussed on: Best practices for building a direct sourcing program, How do you ensure employer brand consistency?, What role types work best for direct sourcing and talent marketplaces?, and What is the future of sourcing?

In this Webinar Connor Heaney (CXC Global), Jan-Willem Weijers (Adevinta) & Katie Bussey (IMS Oneworld) take on the task of how to build a business case for a direct sourcing programme. In this webinar you will learn the step by step process to get your programme off the ground.

Connor Heaney hosts a Direct Sourcing Webinar with special guests Katie Bussey, Jan-Willem Weijers & Praneeth Patlola. During their conversation they talk about what Direct Sourcing is, can Direct Sourcing solve the labour paradox and the future of Direct Sourcing.

In August, Connor Heaney, Managing Director at CXC EMEA, was joined by Praneeth Patlola (WillHire), Jan-Willem Weijers (Adevinta) and Katie Bussey (IMS Oneworld). They discussed what direct sourcing is, the common mistakes made, and the best practices for a successful programme.

IR35 Webinars

Are you confused by what IR35 means for your business?

In this webinar Connor Heaney, Julia Kermode and Gareth Walls discuss all things IR35.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • What is IR35 and what it means for businesses
  • The risks of non-compliance and worker misclassification
  • How to properly determine the status of workers
  • How HMRC is likely to pursue businesses

Want to know more about IR35: https://www.cxcglobal.com/en-gb/what-is-ir35

Connor Heaney is joined by Gareth Walls and Julia Kermode to discuss IR35. They look at HMRC’s actions since its introduction in April and what companies can do to avoid misclassifying their workers.

March 31st 2021. Watch Connor Heaney in conversation with Julia Kermode (IWORK) and Gareth Walls (A&L Goodbody).

Connor Heaney, MD CXC EMEA is joined by Tim Jacob, Nick Butcher and David Bloxham to discuss the upcoming IR35 reform and the effects it will have on the recruitment industry.

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30 Nov: Labour Market in Poland 2023: Are we looking for gigs?

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29 Nov: Is This Ireland’s Uber Case? Contractor Misclassification in Ireland

The correct classification of gig workers has been a hot topic over the past few years. From changes to IR35 legislation in the UK in 2021 to the proposed EU Directive on Platform Workers that’s set to come in early next year, we’ve heard plenty about how changing legislation could impact workers and the companies that engage them.