Global Payroll

Hire Anyone, Anywhere

Are you finding it difficult to manage your global and regional payroll for your remote workers and Independent contractors?  

There are many challenges associated with managing global payroll for independent contractors or employed workers remotely. 

  • Communication  
  • International Banking  
  • Compliance Obligations
  • Labour Law 
  • Local Payroll Practices  
  • Speedy onboarding 
  • Permanent Establishment

How consistent, compliant and effective is your contingent workforce payment and invoicing process?   

At CXC we compliantly connect the gig economy by managing the compliance risk, tax reporting, and payment in countries that present challenges or where your company does not possess a legal entity.  

CXC take pride in the speed and efficiency of our service. We enable our clients to hire anyone anywhere- compliantly 

We provide payroll solutions for some of the globes leading tech companies, start-ups and enterprises.  

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Why Choose CXC?  

At CXC we engage your Independent Contractors and workers directly, on your behalf, and manage the contract lifecycle no matter the size of your organisation.  

  • We manage payroll in over 65 countries across the world via a vast network of legal entities 
  • Retain full ownership of your IP rights in every country where you operate. 
  • We ensure that you fully optimize your risk mitigation by eliminating any unnecessary risk exposure. 
  • With legal entities and dedicated partners all over the world, our team of labour law attorneys and HR specialists protect your business. 

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Our payroll services offer fast flexible and effective payroll with guaranteed on-time payments to your independent contract workers.    

Give your workers a consistent experience by outsourcing the onboarding and payroll of remote workers. You assign their work and dictate their pay, but we take care of administration, payments and compliance on our digital platform – MYCXC 

How our process works  

Let our team of people professionals handle the complexities of running your global workers/contractors/independent contractors while our digital platform makes this a seamless process. 

With increasing complexity and ever-changing regulatory requirements, including reporting and data security, CXC’s processes and systems are digital, efficient and fully compliant.  

Global Payroll Process

Professional Employer Organisation

A professional employer organisation is an outsourcing firm that provides services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Employer of Record

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party organisation that hires and pays an employee on behalf of another company and takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks.

Agent of Record

An agent of record or agent of record services describes the following worker engagement process:

1. Identify an independent contractor

2. Refer the contractor to CXC

3. CXC enters into a master services agreement with the contractor. The statement of work (SOW) defines the scope of the services the contractor is required.

4. The contractor provides services under the SOW, provides AOR services.

Global Employment Organisation

A Global Employment Organisation (GEO) is an international solution for hiring employees abroad, without having a branch or subsidiary in the foreign location

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