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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring, Engaging and Managing International Talent

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CXC GlobalApril 22, 2023

By 2030, more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled. A perfect storm of increased demand for niche roles, low birth rates and border closures have meant that many organisations are competing for valuable talent.

What’s the answer? By considering that the best worker might be one that can work from anywhere. Many companies are engaging workers overseas to conduct work in Australia.

By giving your contractors this international mobility, you can:

  • Find the right skillset for your needs.
  • Provide a stronger value proposition to contractors.
  • Introduce better diversity into your decision making.

CXC has recently released our new eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring, Engaging and Managing International Talent. Our guide will walk you through:

  • Building a strategic, international workforce plan.
  • Assessing the global job market.
  • Developing a compelling employee value proposition.
  • Strategies for engaging global talent.
  • Keeping that talent motivated and performing.
  • As well as best-practice tips to ensure you’re optimising your program.

Whether you’re sourcing contractors overseas, or offering your workers the opportunity to move globally, this guide will put you on the right track.

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