Minimize your risks when hiring consultants internationally

Are you looking for compliant global solutions to hire international consultants on short-term or long-term projects, fully aligned with local law in the countries where you work?

CXC Global is the best option for contracting personnel under payroll or independent contractor modality compliantly in more than 70 countries. Provide the best services to your clients and expand your recruitment capacity worldwide.

The growing demand of companies with international projects in any field of the industry can take time, moving you away from the specialty of your company, either consulting or recruiting for the consulting firms.
In a changing labor framework, if you do not choose the appropriate option, you may incur into the risk of hiring consultants under the wrong modality, not properly classified according to the position they really perform, and this may impact in audits to your organization.

Who We Are

CXC Global is a company that acts as a workforce facilitator with 25 years of experience managing the hire of local and expatriate contractors, providing support to international companies of the most varied fields of the industry, ensuring the correct and punctual payment of the contracted staff, supplying the adequate legal coverage, issuing fiscal reporting, and managing the benefits in challenging countries and where your company does not have a local entity.

CXC Global LAM relies on a network of legal and accounting experts in more than 70 countries that work in a synchronized manner, hiring your personnel, both under full or self-employment, since CXC Global manages the back-office associated with the payment of the personnel hired.

How We Do It

  • Global Operation

Each client is assigned an account manager who works synchronized with our local offices so that all legal requirements are met, while the payments of salaries, taxes and benefits are managed in the accurate time. Your consultant’s attention will be only focused on the work contracted by the client.

  • Legal framework

We release our clients from the challenge of managing their contractors’ payment because at CXC Global we coordinate the payment of our contracted personnel through our global network in more than 70 countries using our cloud platform that verifies and validates the information.

Why Hiring With CXC Global?

EXPERIENCE: 25 years as a work facilitator.

QUICKNESS: Quick and ready answers from our local team to your requests in several countries.

LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTIONS: transfer the challenge of administrative management to understand and adapt to the legal framework structure of each country.

RELIABILITY: Although we can give you access to talent, we are not recruiters and your staff remains confidential.

TECHNOLOGY: Flexibility when working and collaborating on projects from anywhere in the world.

TIME AND COST SAVINGS: CXC provides solutions to avoid annoying bureaucracies, maximizing the profitability of your company.

We’re Here to Help

If you would like to get more information about CXC Global, our solutions in Latin America and how we can help your company, please contact the CXC Global LAM team.

Fernando Gutiérrez
Managing Director, Latin America
CXC Global LAM
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