Outsource to get superior help, not just cost cuts

The current business atmosphere is contentious and uncertain. With an increasing realisation of the benefits of outsourcing, many Australian organisations are seeking help across key business functions. Notably, outsourcing has the potential to increase the productivity and quality of business output. Outsourcing the right functions to the right service provider can reap a huge range of benefits for organisations …and we’re not just talking cost cutting.

Outsourcing the engagement and management of contractors improves the governance around an organisation’s contingent workforce. Although reduced costs is a significant advantage of outsourcing your organisation’s contractor management, it is only the tip of the iceberg. From ensuring contractors are on-boarded in line with both company and legislative requirements, through to providing streamlined processes that will keep them accountable, contractor management is all encompassing. Here are some other benefits you can look forward to taking advantage of:

Let someone else take care of the nitty gritty so you and your employees can get on with your organisation’s core function

Outsourcing to contract talent, allows companies to focus more on their core competencies for improved productivity. Outsourcing the management of your contractors will save resources that would otherwise take on this administrative burden. You can redirect these resources to your critical roles and processes, ensuring your core functions have sufficient workers.

Become more efficient; increase spend & performance visibility

Outsourced contractor management provides processes and methodologies that are proven in the best-practice engagement and management of a contingent workforce. Once you have sourced your contractor, it’s the role of the Contractor Management Company to engage and onboard them efficiently…while your focus remains on your core function.

Contractor Management organisations also provide consolidated reporting, which will makes workforce analysis easier and more efficient. It will also provide better contractor insights such as performance metrics and enhance your spend visibility to allow for better allocation of resources.

Let someone else take on the risk of your contractor workforce

Organisations that manage their contractors internally face a number of risks including employee/contractor misclassification. Outsourcing contractor management transfers the employment risks to the outsourcing service provider. Risks such as misclassification, insurances – even visa risk – rest with the Contractor Management organisation. The expertise of these providers, means you can rest easy when utilising the services of contractors: let THEM be your expert in the ever-changing world of tax and employment regulations.

Let the experts make you look good

Contractor Management organisations also have the specialist knowledge and expertise to deliver services that optimise your contract workforce. They’ll help keep you abreast of legislative change and provide you with the cutting edge technology in their field. They don’t only offer excellent service to you as their client but also provide specialised contractor care programs for your contractors. It’s their business to do so. Happier contractors equals more productive contractors. From salary packaging options through to contractor specific financial planning services, Contractor Management Companies can help boost your contractor loyalty and productivity.

The key to any outsourcing service is putting all the focus on the value-add and not on the costs. Evidently, an organisation that outsources functions has much to gain. There are possibilities of risks such as the failure to outsourcing. However, working with the experts will help to mitigate these risks significantly.

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