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On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor speaks to John Winsor, Chairman and Founder of Open Assembly, Visiting Executive at Harvard Business School and Author. John recently co-authored a book called Open Talent: Leveraging The Global Workforce to Solve Your Business Challenges. This is his sixth book. 

During the episode Connor & John discuss: 

  • John’s story
  • The speed of larger enterprises adopting freelancers and independent workers not as fast as expected – why?
  • Company budgets – do people consider freelancers?
  • Remote work and its influence on attrition rate
  • Open Assembly – what it is and the challenges it solves
  • The main frameworks and key principles in John’s book
  • The force multipliers for the Open Talent Model
  • The compliance challenge with large enterprises and how Open Assembly help
  • AI 
  • Predictions for future of work

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.