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This week David Ballew from Nimble Global joined Connor on the Open Talent Report Podcast.

David is a global contingent workforce & talent acquisition leader, published professional and dynamic public speaker. David and Nimble global help businesses optimise operating operations, helping MSP’s staffing firms and hr departments who are struggling to source talent.

On this podcast David discusses the importance of optimising talent sourcing for organisations to gain an advantage over competitors. David also discusses: 

  • What’s wrong with the MSP model for the needs of fast moving companies?
  • Is Direct Sourcing capable of helping businesses in the war for talent?
  • The importance of speed in sourcing and hiring talent
  • Enterprise Resource Demand Planning
  • How to effectively manage talent pools with an aim to achieve just in time hiring
  • How will automation affect job displacement
  • David’s thoughts on the future of work

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.